Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesdays menu

Again, a bit late. oh well.

PB Banana smoothie
(it has natural PB, yogurt, banana, stevia, hmmm...not sure what else. My wonderful dh whipped these up - I was still snoozing....I had a rough night's sleep)
**the kiddos actually drank a bit of these, then Dean made them some toast - at least it was homemade honey wheat bread - thanks again, Vicki**

some burrito leftovers and some crudite (at least I think that's what you call it - that's what we call cut up raw veggies around here - with some natural PB to dip with the celery).
**kids asked for "picnic food". That means crackers, cheese, pb, nuts, seeds, mini-marshmellows - basic kid finger-foods. We spread a blankie out and there ya go - instant picnic!**

Chili & Cornbread
A nice, semi-spicy homemade chili (think beef, black beans, veggies, tomatoes, and lots of spices) with homeamde cornbread (again, made by dh - I was gone getting my hair cut). This is a really great chili!!
**kids actually tried and liked the meal - whoo-hoo!!**
It was supposed to include a green salad - but again, I was gone getting my hair cut. I made up a nice big salad for today! Dh had some "free food" in the evening: dill pickles. Ick. But he loves 'em!

There ya go. Thus far, the Hillbilly Housewife's recipes have been surprizingly tasty! I kinda was expecting bland, but not so. Good use of spices so far. It's her 1000 calorie menu if you want to check it out! (Blogger's linky thingy isn't working properly - so here's the link)

We add things here and there, just small changes to fit our family, so I bet we're getting more than 1000 calories per day. Of course, the kids eat more than this - well, they eat more often anyway. I feed them snacks (healthy, at least I'm trying) in between meals. So they are eating 4-6 times a day, which I think is a great way to eat - as long as they are nice and small portions!

Ok, now I'll go post for today....
*Michigan Momma*

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