Friday, January 18, 2008

A new dining table....


Our dining table is a bit sad. It was used when we got it (thanks mom and dad). It has been moved oh, four going on five times. The legs have been *fixed* two. The chair spindles are coming apart. The leg supports are....less than supportive.

Basically, we need a new table.

But if you are a larger-than-average size family, you may have struggled with this issue. It's EXPENSIVE to buy a large table to fit more than six people. We have six people in our family right now. I'm 32. I'm betting we'll have more babies. We need something bigger.

Today, at IKEA, I saw a table that seats 10 - for under $350. Pretty good. It looks sturdy, nothing fancy (like we need fancy - we need be-able-to-withstand-all-those-kiddos). Since we are moving into a place that does NOT require a security deposit, yet we will be getting our current security deposit back - voila!

Well, almost voila. I've asked The Pastor (aka: the money man. aka: the head of the home. aka: our finanical leader.....ok, my husband) and he gave me the "we'll see". I know this means I have a fairly good chance. I've been married to the man for close to 9 years now ~ I know my odds......

Here's what it looks like: I'm so excited!!

Who ever thought I would be this excited about a dining room table??
*Michigan Momma*
p.s. Here's the matching bench. We would buy two, one for each long side (and lots of littles). Again, excited about bench seating? Who knew??

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Vicky said...

That's a great table! :)

Growing up, friends and cousins always referred to our dining room table as "the picnic table" because it was HUGE (sat all 11 of us) and had bench seating on the sides, with chairs for Ma, Pa, and a high chair for whoever was the baby. :) My oldest sis now uses the table for her growing brood and it holds many, many good memories of meals shared around that table.

I hope you are able to find something to fit your needs AND your budget! :)