Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday continued....

In addition to my glass container tip, I wanted to share about beauty. Beauty in the kitchen (and all areas of your home) is super important. This is my job, my role, my heart!

Yes, I want to be organized, of course. I also want things to look nice, look pretty. With just a bit of extra effort I can do *both*. Using those interesting glass candle jars is one way. Just a touch of interest for the eye to look upon.

I also like to decorate with my children's artwork. Buying art can be expensive. Yet to put a child's drawing is fairly cheap - plus it encourages that child ~ you loved their work so much, you loved *them* so much, you hung up that picture on the wall!!

Use a table cloth (even if you have to wash it tomorrow). Use candles, put up high if you have littles. Don't let all your extra "spaces" (bedside table, dining room table, etc.) become filled with junk or loose papers. If you take just a bit of time each day, you can make these spaces look pretty, even larger. Especially the master bedroom - make that space beautiful!

I don't get flowers often but when I do, they are out on the table.

I know some young mommas have told me they can't do these things due to small children. Yes, some things may need to wait until the children are a bit older - yet it is also okay to expect just a bit more out of our children. My children have seen candle lit in our home often. They have learned they are not to touch the candles or blow them out. (of course, I am still cautious) They are used to seeing "Momma's flowers" on the dining room table. Yes, some flowers have lost their petals prematurely from toddler hands - yet my children are learning. And they are learning that beauty is important, love of home and family is important - not just orderliness or organization.

And hey, ya just feel better. I know I do. My home isn't ready for some decorating magazine cover (far from it) yet I try to have nice touches here and there. Just to walk in a room and see an unexpected spot of beauty - amazing!!

God Bless~
*Michigan Momma*
p.s. a huge "thank you" goes out to Janet & Gary. Thank you for the beautiful b-day flowers. I especially love the square vase ~ so cool looking! Thank you so much for brightening my day and making me feel special. Miss and love you guys....


Anonymous said...

Your home looks lovely - wish you were my neighbor. That is something I am trying to grow in, thanks for sharing.

*MichiganMomma* said...

Thanks for the compliment, but actually some of those pics are from my previous home, in CO. My current home is not nerely so bright and open - I'm working on finding/making beauty in this smaller/darker space....

At least we're aware and trying, right??!!