Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Workin' Wednesday

Here's something I've been S L O W L Y working on since just after Christmas time. While visiting my mom, I was peeking around in her closet (how rude!) ~ I found a HUGE stash of yarn. I also found this 70's looking toddler sweater jacket:

I don't know why, but I have been lovin' the 70's colors recently. This immediately caught my eye. When I asked my mom, I found out it belongs to my sister's extended family. She was actually hoping that I could copy it and figure out how to make one up myself. Well, of course!! I was excited!

If you know anything about crochet, it's just a bunch of granny squares, all sewn together then topped off with a few coordinating trim rows all around and around the end of the sleeves. It has belt loops, although it did not have a belt with it.

Mom sent me back to Michigan with TONS of yarn ~ I found some nice blues with sparkle yarn as a extra touch. I'm still working on making up all those granny squares (60 all together). Once that is done, the jacket will come together fairly quickly.

I tried it on my second daughter, Tali, who is 2 1/2. The original jacket is a bit small on her. I'm guessing it is a 2T. Maybe even a 24 month. My squares are a bit larger (just a bit) so I'm thinking mine will be a 3T.

I'll share pics later on in the process~
*Michigan Momma*

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becominglikehim said...

LOOOOVVVVEEEE The 70's sweater!!!!! I love the 70's; my first ten years of life.