Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday's Menu

Here's the plan for today:

Banana Bread Oatmeal
small glass of V-fusion juice
**I added just a bit of brown sugar and butter to our oatmeal. I tried it first without, but it was just a bit too....plain and icky (after I just get done saying how non-bland these recipes were...well, I still like most of it). I added just a bit to our oatmeal and bit more for the kiddos (I'll have to wean them off the sweet-stuff over time). With sliced banana, flax seed and bit of milk on top - just delicious!

Dh is having the leftover chili, cornbread and a small salad.
I am having a large salad (lots of veggies, some nuts & seeds), with some leftover refried beans.
The kids are having mac-n-cheese with peas stirred in.
Man, you'd have thought I just killed Isaac, as much as he was whining. Sheesh......he tried to complain one last time and I told him, "Look Isaac, I just added peas. TRY IT! It's not yucky, it's yummy! Get over it!!". He stopped immediately, said "ok" and that's the last I've heard about it. I'm guessing he's sitting at the table as I type just staring at his bowl.......let me go look.......yup. That's gonna be one hungry little boy......

Open-faced sloppy joe sandwiches, with green beans and raw veggies & dip.
These are homemade sloppy joe meatsauce on, you guessed it, that good ol' homemade honey wheat bread. I'm telling you - try it! It's delish - and bonus, it's really good for you!

I may go to Tim Horton's tonight before choir and get a cappachino (sp?). We'll see.....I don't mind doing this here and there as long as I am doing good during the days with the new, healthy food menu. Dh has requested that we still do pizza here and there - just try not to eat four pieces, just one or two. Hey, it's a learning process for us. We want it to be realistic, yet we want to eat healthy!! There's a balance there between obnoxious, health-food nut and food glutton.

Lookin' for that balance~
*Michigan Momma*

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Anonymous said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know that I made the honey wheat bread. REALLY good. I've been trying and trying to find a recipe that's not too dense, or too dry, or too blah blah blah.

So thanks for posting it. Now if I can just make some to actually used for lunch before the kids and I eat it up warm with butter . . . yum it was tastey!

Also, I'm so glad you have a picky eater too. My little two year old is sustained on milk - he really won't eat, unless it's junk. I keep praying!