Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the "bad guys" are here

Yup, the "bad guys" (as my kids call the germs) have invaded my daughter's lungs - it's pneumonia.

So we are doing breathing treatments 4x/day, antibiotics 1x/day, cough syrup up to 4x/day and ibuprofen/acetaminophen combo for the fever. Yuck.

Then my son has some type of infection (be it bacterial or viral) which has manifested as little spots all over his face. Impetigo kind of thing, although the doc said it didn't look like that particularly. We'll see......he is on his own round of antibiotics.

My other daughter, well, she just sounds funny - has a little cough and seems to be losing her voice. The baby is about the only healthy one - I think that has a lot to do with the amount of sleep he gets. He is downstairs, so the light is not an issue for him - he sleeps in as late as he wants.

I'm just a little nervous about the rest of the kids contracting either the pneumonia junk and the rash/impetigo stuff.

And to top it off, we really aren't that into meds and antibiotics - we usually only go to the doc when things get bad. So I guess this counts as "really bad".

Last thing, I wanted the doc to check Isaac's mouth for perhaps a slight case of being "tongue-tied". He has this thing where he kind of gags when I ask him to stick his tongue out. He also has all the normal letter sound mix-ups that are fairly common - but ALL of them.

He said to go ahead and just get his hearing checked (although I would be VERY surprized if his hearing was an issue) and a consultation with speech therapy. We just want to make sure that Isaac's mouth is fine and not causing some of his distortions. I wouldn't even be concerned if it weren't for the tongue/gagging issue. The letter sounds thing I'm betting he would simply grow out of - but with the gagging, well, I just want to make sure.

Well, that's it - the moving-in is going great! I am almost all done, except for hanging pictures and making some window treatments for the front room. The bookcases finally got done, the education closet is organized, things are starting to feel like *home*. Ahhhh......

Unfortunately, Easter seems to have snuck up on me - and I don't have things near as "planned" as I had hoped. I have a nice family Easter devotional book, so I'll give that a once-over here tonight.................after practice for the musical...........which I don't have memorized............but let's not go there, 'kay??!!

God Bless you and your day~
*Michigan Momma*


MAMA said...

You're one very busy momma!! hope your kiddos get well soon!

becominglikehim said...

Hang in there! I'll be prayin' for ya...and that musical thing...well, I'll be prayin' for ya!!!