Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just to clarify...

In the body of Christ, I believe we all have different passions: some are passionate about the abortion issue, about missions, about helping the poor, about teens, about the elderly, about tithing/finances, about many varying issues. All of them are important to God, but as humans, we sometimes feel a pull towards one area.

I am passionate about God. Passionate about marriage, families, children, multigenerational faithfulness. I married a Family & Children's Pastor - I've lived with him through grad school/seminary, so I've learned a lot along the way. These topics are big time important to our family, to God ~ and they seem to be kinda forgotten about in our society today.

So if I sometimes come across as "idolizing" family or children or marriage or worship or whatever....I do apologize. I'm not sorry for my passion, yet perhaps I need to learn how to express it. In a world that is out and out AGAINST these things, I feel the need to really stand in the gap with others who hold the same beliefs and fight for the importance of family, the blessing of children, the sanctity of marriage.

In a world that views children as a burden, I want to give the opposite view: the godly view of children as a blessing. Perhaps I come across too strongly. Please forgive me. I am human and I fail. But I beg you to look past a harsh wording or strong phrase and try to see what I am trying to point too: what GOD has to say about children, about love, about marriage.

I will try not to elevate these things about their God-given place in our lives - yet I feel as though we are fighting against the norm here, against what is "accepted" and "right". Therefore I may go too far the other way. For that I apologize.

Yet I will not apologize for looking to God, to His Word for *everything* in our lives ~ including issues such as birth control, views of children, roles for men & women, the choices we make regarding our children's education, what God ultimately calls us to as parents, as husbands & wives, as children of the King.

I hope what I say here doesn't make you feel wrongly judged. Then again, I felt judged when I first learned about many of these issues a few years back. I'm so glad someone had the backbone to really say what they believed - as it forced me to look at what *I* really believed. And at what God really wants for our lives - which is the very best!! There have also been passionate people whom I simply disagreed with. And that's okay too. Again, it forced me to really look at what I believed, what I hold to be Truth.

Lastly, don't just take my word for it. Don't get mad at me. Go to your Bible. That's the end all, be all, do all. Let me know if I am being unbiblical (as God us to do so), but know this is not some debate blog. I'm not good at it, I don't have fun debating, and it's not the point of this blog. I'm sure there are many places you can go online to enjoy a good debate. I simply want to live my whole life in accordance with God and His Word!

AND, I want to just come here, blog about my life (be it mundane, adventurous, simple or crazy) and meet other mommas along the way. Really, that's it. Just share about life and how it unfolds around here. That's it.

God Bless you and yours~


Anneatheart said...

Don't ya hate it when you are trying to be light and funny and others can't 'read' that and take it the wrong way. I am such a pleaser and I hate for anyone to think I'm attacking or mocking them- especially people who don't know me.

Anyways, personally, to me, you sound like you have a lot on your plate. I know you are 'in the ministry' as they say, but so are we. My husband and I are the worship leaders, but we only have church worship once a week because we are small. We also don't have a nursery or anywhere for our children to hang out during that time so it gets interesting.

I have to drive an hour one way each week to take my oldest to speech therapy, and it takes the whole day for one 30 minute session! The rest of my week is much like yours except for formal homeschooling. I don't do MOPS anymore or any type of Bible study, simply because our church doesn't have one and I don't know anyone at the local churches here. Maybe I would be more involved if there were things to do :)

But I felt overwhelmed just reading your list :) However, you being the amazing organizational queen, I 'm sure you have it under control. Speaking of which, I liked seeing pics of your girls' bedroom. I was wondering, do keep all their toys in their room, or do you have some toys in the main living area too? How do you 'do' toys? Currently I have a basket of books, rocking chairs and a play yard with toys in the living room and the rest of the toys are in the bedroom and play room. Just curious.

Holly said...

Well done, Lori. Just right. :)

p.s. Just for the is a little silly for a mama of one to try to tell another mama of four that she doesn't even know, that her life would be better if it were just organized!