Tuesday, April 1, 2008

and one week later....

I just dropped my sis and her 2 kiddos off at the train station. I'm wiped. It was fun, I certainly enjoyed having my sis here, the extra set of hands was helpful during the day, the homeschooling was more organized with her sitting at the table with us, and well, I've had four children so let's admit it, I actually peed my pants a few times laughing hysterically with her. Seriously.

Most of the laughing was at our beautiful, wonderful, hilarious children (and their "art"). There were also some really touching moments (at least for me). Moments when I realized that we are now the "adults" and our children are forming memories that they will carry on into adulthood about their cousins, aunts & uncles, singing at the dinner table, and staying up WAY TOO LATE laughing in bed together.

Were there times when I wanted to lock everyone in their rooms and throw away the key? Of course. But more often I simply wanted to grab 'em and kiss 'em and tell them I loved 'em. And I did. Even the 9 yob who was mortified when I said "I remember the day you were born...." *sniff, sniff*

So now I need to go pick up the pieces of my home. Ok, not really. I just need to get caught up with the laundry, do a few extra house chores and try to get a bit more sleep. Did I mention it's 5:30am? The train left at 5:15am. I'm sorry, I don't *do* 5am.......I'll catch ya later......

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