Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kid's chores - updated

Here are our new chore charts for the new house. You live & learn - one of the things I learned, at least for OUR family, is that changing chores every week was CRAZY!! No way can I keep up with that, not when I am still such an integral part of them.

I decided to go ahead and try a two-month chore chart. I also went ahead and made them a bit more age appropriate - meaning I won't simply flip-flop chores between children. A 2yog just can't do the same things as a 5yog or 6yob.

So here ya go - just for reference, Tali is a 2yog, Selah is a 5yog, and Isaac is a 6yob. We start this tomorrow (along with *my* new chore chart - so be in prayer, will ya??).

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Shari said...

I really like your chore charts. I'm trying to put together some new ones since I am a new (and much healthier) SAHM. It helped give me some ideas. Since my house is still much to be desired, I'm also working on specific areas in the afternoon with the help of the kiddos. I will just guide them in what to do, but for morning chores I wanted something more concrete. Also, please give birthday hugs to Elijah and Selah. Sorry that I missed their birthdays. You know why, but I'm still dealing with guilt from all angles. Big hugs and kisses.