Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pulling it all together

Tonight, after doing our first HEALTHY shopping trip since we moved (praise the good Lord in heaven!!), I swung by the fabric area. After my dh told me not to. Bad Lori...

While he was grabbing the needed ink cartridges, I quickly scanned the fabrics. I had a fairly good idea of what I needed/wanted: blues, tans, some white (to tie in the painted trim), nothing too small of a print (like little floral patterns), something kinda funky - this is the room that we will be hanging our black & white pictures, all with black frames, kinda modern. It is also where we will do most of our entertaining - the dining room/piano room.

Anyways, I grabbed something I thought might work, quickly checked the price ($2/yard), then told the two kids I had with me, "nope, daddy said not tonight" (I was still *trying* to be good). After a quick family trip to the restrooms, we headed up to the front of the store to check-out. I took a chance and said "hey, turn right" - he (reluctantly) turned and I showed him the fabric. He doesn't really mind how I decorate as long as he doesn't HATE it. He didn't.

So I got some fabric and can now set about getting some swags up in the front room - we have already put up these fancy roller blinds (I know, how can a roller blind be fancy? but I just wanted you to know it wasn't just some vinal, cheap stuff - like you care?!). I think it'll work great! It's not the highest quality material, but I'm guessing it'll last a few years. By the time it's faded and ready to be replaced, I'll be itching to make up some new ones anyway!

And just to clarify, my kiddos are all sick - yup, every single one of them. Plus dh & I can both start to feel it in our chest. A whole family with sickness in our chests, trying to avoid full-blown pneumonia. So my dh was just trying to get us all home and in bed. He envisioned me standing in front of the fabric selection for HOURS (or minutes, whatever) trying to find the *perfect* pattern. He wasn't just being a big, ol' meanie ~ honest. He's a great guy!! (luv ya babe)

Here I go to get the fabric washed and dried and ironed (well, at least washed tonight - it *is* 11:30pm). We have been discussing having people over soon - since the house is mainly put together - I'd better get to it!

I'll share pics (of course)
*Michigan Momma*


Sarah said...

Cool, new fabric! I'm glad you found something you liked! Hope the kids are feeling better soon!

Julie said...

Lori, I thought of you today at Walmart when I was supposed to be buying groceries and instead was lured over to the fabric department. LOL.
I found the greatest blue and white toile for $2 a yard. I was so excited. I snatched up all 5.4 yards. We are redoing our bedroom in blue and white soon and I know I can use it all!!

jimmy jackson said...

I got some fabric and can now set about getting some swags up in the front room - we have already put up these fancy roller blinds. We have more information on roller blinds and i think it will help you...