Monday, April 14, 2008

almost there...

Hey y'all.... are you still here reading??


It's just been too crazy. Kid-wise: two are regularly doing "school work" - one is potty-training (and it's actually going well, more on that later) - one is learning to walk. Adult-wise: one is getting ready to graduate from seminary, while the other is preparing for a Kid's Spring Musical she is running. It's a nut house.

So while I always have big goals to get on the computer and type up these thoughtful, touching, humorous posts, I'm usually happy to get a shower and have clean clothes.

The weather is also looking up ~ just wonderful to go outside without a bulky coat! I'm lovin' the sun (who me?). So that's more time spent outside letting the kids run off all that pent-up energy from the past winter. They deserve it - it was a LONG winter....

I'll be back - check back often! I've got pointers on potty-training, schooling with little ones, menus for the growing family, etc.etc.etc...... If I can ever get to putting my thoughts down on paper.

Luv to you all~

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