Sunday, April 20, 2008

Am I a SuperMom?? But I'm taking the vitamins anyway!

I'm only on day #2. No huge difference yet, although I *may* be experiencing some de-tox stuff. Minor aches and pains, a bit of a headache. One that's weird is my eyes are really dry and itchy. I think it's a lack of water. I am *so* not a water drinker. I believe my body is desperately trying to de-tox and in order to do so is drawing fluid from every possible source - including my own cells. I made an attempt to drink more water today - and I did - but in the afternoon/evening I just gave up and drank pop (I know, I know).

And everything I read said the SuperMom vitamins were these HUGE horse pills that no one could swallow. I was starting to get a bit concerned. I opened up the bottle......come on ladies, they're nothin'. No biggie. There are green and kinda gross looking - so I swallow them quicky, hoping not to actually taste anything. But heck, I swallow them with the extra Spirulina tablets I'm taking no problem. So don't let the size of the pills scare you off - it's no biggie!

I'll let you know how things progress. I'm also trying to eat better, drink more water (*sigh*), get outside more, take more walks, etc. I think this will be a repeating theme in my life - a constant battle against my flesh which just wants to be gluttonous and lazy - instead of healthy and responsible for what God has blessed me with. I'll never be one of those naturally trim ladies who has to be reminded to eat and enjoys regular exercise. Nope. Not unless God wants to perform a major miracle. Major.

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