Sunday, April 20, 2008


At the end of May, my dh and I are going on a trip. He will be graduating from seminary with a Master's in Family & Children's Ministry. We will be gone, alone, for five days (or is it six?). Alone. The grandparents are stepping up and lovin' on the grandbabies while we are gone.


I'm so excited. Don't get me wrong....I love my children. Love them. But a chance to be with my wonderful husband, alone, for five whole days?!?! A chance to keep the fires going, to remember why we go through stress and sacrifice in the small ways that we do, a chance to really focus on each other, as a couple - all to be stronger together, better parents, choosing to love each other more each day. Yup, I can't wait.

And who seems each time Dean and I have a chance to be alone overnight....we seem to welcome a new little one about nine months later. I would never presume to expect God to keep blessing us in the same way, in the same pattern and time.....but I can hope! Children really are an amazing blessing.

As is marriage! I can't wait, baby~


Kenni B said...

And what an AMAZING brother-in-law you have that will give up his car for a week so you don't have to rent one.

You really ARE blessed! LOL

Love you Sis.

*MichiganMomma* said...

OH ya!! I was even thinking about that.....a car that doesn't have spilled milk, a million french fries hiding in the seats, crumbs from every popcorn snack, cookie from church, half-sucked lollipop, you name it........

Yes, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!

Kelly said...

This kind of reminded me of something theologian Scott Hahn said, once.

He said "That in the marital
covenant the two become one, and God has designed it so that you share a love so profound that nine months later you might just have to give it a name."