Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'll take it

Just try to picture it (well, not really picture it, just imagine the situation - not the specifics......)

We head into Meijer. Dean takes the youngest three, while I grab Isaac and run into the bathroom real quick (see what I mean about not imagining the specifics?). There I was, situating myself over a not-so-clean Meijer commode, when I hear my sweet son say:

"Momma, you're beautiful"


"I said, Momma, you're beautiful" (he repeats as I'm *sure* I must have misunderstood him).

There I am, in all my skirt-hiked-up glory......and my son finds me beautiful.

I'll take it.


Kenni B said...

Someday he'll follow it up with, "Can I borrow the car?", so soak it up while it's pure loving compliment and nothing else! LOL

mama said...

ha ha they have a way of catching us off guard!!!
oh and i'm glad the picture you included is not one of the event:)