Friday, May 16, 2008

Just some pics

I'll go ahead and give a little description beneath each photo. The first ones are from Elijah's & Talitha's dedication at church. The later ones are from our fun weekend recently. Enjoy~

Isaac & Selah sittin' pretty, watching their little bro & sis get dedicated.

Talitha having some fun with Momma while waiting on stage.

Daddy trying to remember everyone's birthdays - see the look on my face? And see the cameras? Yup, we go to one of those fairly large churches, and they tape it for local t.v.

My little princess is now 3!

Fun on her new red trike!

What a sweetie!!

Mema & Nana chattin' with Elijah.

Eli is *so* big - sittin' next to Papa Gary.

Look, Nana, SO big, SO fast!

~Isaac and his Papa~

All the kids got a ride from Papa.

Caught ya on film! I was wondering why Elijah was up at 3am in the morning......


Holly said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet babies! :)

Kenni B said...

ahhhhh....Elijah sipping some Iced Cap explains everything!

Kelly said...

If you get around to it later, could you explain a little bit about dedication? I've heard that some denominations that don't practice infant baptism do "dedication" instead, but this is the first time I've run across non-infants being dedicated. Could you let me know what it means in your church?