Monday, May 26, 2008

just so more pics

Just some fun pics from our impromptu family time recently - I'm am just so enjoying my family recently - but let's not talk about the cleanliness of my home, shall we........I still haven't mastered the art of balance. Maybe the mean time, enjoy the pics~~captions underneath each photo:

Elijah in his jump-up - yes, it's right by a few steps ~ bad Momma, I know.

Selah finally enjoying the piano again ~ it needs some serious tuning though, after a winter in a garage.

Tali and her Daddy.

Daddy teaching Isaac the fine art of fire making and marshmellow roasting.

Oh come on, just pure cuteness, right there!

Tali, the big sissy, helping out her lil' bro.

Isaac's new big boy bike - no training wheels and much bigger. He's lovin' it!

The girls thought this was absolutely hilarious - I bet the neighbors did too!

Some sibling love~


Climbing the front yard tree (with Daddy right below - Tali would SOOOO break a leg.....)


mama said...

I loke the tree pic. Sweet family:)

mama said...

oops I meant to say like!!