Monday, May 26, 2008

Some thrifted finds

Here are just a few of our "thrifted finds" as of late. It's these kinds of things, if purchased at full price, that drive the "cost of having children" up so high. It *can* be done spending MUCH less money than those charts tell you.

Yes, having many children can be hard. There are expenses. But the joys are so beyond any of that.

So read about a few of our recent "finds" and be inspired to go hunt for your own~~

My son's new bike. It's a Harley Davidson. He thinks it's AWESOME!! We bought it from a local man who finds and fixes up used bikes. It was $15. That's awesome.

One of Isaac's favorite features on his new bike - it has a speedometer!

Dinosaur flashcards - this one was from my mom (I believe) - she's awesome at finding this kind of thing. And my kiddos love these kinds of things!

A money teaching electronic tool. Loud. But cheap and keeps the kids learning.

A Leap Frog math electronic game. Teaches addition in various ways. Has timed games. Good for learning during quiet time or in the car.

I love this one. My daughter and I named her Harriet Rose ('cause she has some much hair and her cheeks are rosy). She has velco-y type stuff on her body, so the felt clothes stick to her. Another good quiet time toy.

The big ol' umbrella that comes down over your body and you can see through it. I bought it "for the kids" - ya right....

Tali's 3rd birthday gift from us. Lovin' the old school feel to this trike~

My mom got me a butter dish. I'm not sure why, but I really wanted a butter dish. Love the "handle" on the top!!

I've got more finds that I'll snap some pics of later. Leave a comment and link back to your own great resale finds!!

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