Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Workin' Wednesday

Actually, I'm taking a break for maybe a month or two. We finished the Children's Spring Musical, and it turned out great! But I also realized that I can NOT do another production in the same manner I did this time. I was overwhelmed and my wonderful dh ended up doing a lot of the work during his own work time.

Soooo....with the upcoming Christmas Musical I will be doing things differently. I will be planning better, delegating more and overall just giving myself more time. Also, now that I have one production at this church under my belt, I know how things are run, what is expected, etc. I have high hopes for many future productions!

In other work news, my dh and I will be working on something new altogether. I can't really talk about it quite yet, but it involved commitment and accountability. I really think this has the potential to change our lives, in so many ways.

Currently, my little man is visiting his grandparents in IN - I miss him so much!! He is my little helper and I'm not used to running the house each day without him (doens't that sound strange? He's only 6!). Yet I know he's having a great time and enjoying his Mema and Papa!

We have some family traveling to MI this weekend for Tali's & Eli's dedication at church on Mother's Day. We want to have a huge ol' cookout on Saturday so I'm hoping the weather holds out. Right now we are about to get some serious rain, which will be great for all the plants and grass.

And finally, due to my little man being gone, I have been concerned about my other little man sleeping alone downstairs all by himself. Last night, instead of having one of the girls sleep downstairs with him, I had dh bring Elijah's bed upstairs. HUGE mistake - GIGANTIC!! For some odd reason, when I woke him up to carry him upstairs - well, he was AWAKE! Totally. He was completely awake until after 4am actually. Yes, 4am.

So here I am, exhausted, my babies are all a bit cranky and it's about to rain. I've got everyone downstairs (I'm a chicken about even the *possibility* of the *hint* of a tornado) and I'm thinking NAPTIME. At the very least, I'm putting the little ones down and watching a movie with my Selah-belle.......sounds great!

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