Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Can it be??

Tonight was the first Wednesday evening of the summer session at church. All the children are promoted to the next grade on this night. So Isaac is going upstairs, to the first grade. All young kids, Kindergarten and younger, are downstairs. Once you hit 1st grade, you go upstairs with the "big kids". My little Isaac is *sooooooo* excited. He could hardly contain himself today, after his bath, as he was jumping up and down in my kitchen in his froggie bath towel (so cute!).

I, on the other hand, wasn't so excited. How could my little man be in first grade?? How could it be? Where did the time go? How could this happen to me? ME????!?!?!??!

Actually, Isaac is very sweet. He is NOTHING like most of the other going-into-first-grade boys at church. He is fairly innocent, which I am just fine with. There is only one other boy like him in his class, a shy boy named Nathan, who is also homeschooled. I'm going to have to make it a priority to give him opportunities for friendships with other homeschoolers. Of course, he can be friends with other public or private schooled kids, but it will be nice for him to have another hs'ed boy to be friends with as well.

ANYWAY, to get back to my traumatic story, Isaac heads off upstairs tonight. He looks so little heading up those steps......with his little chicken legs (luv you buddy!).

Come to find out, the summer kids program upstairs is for Kindergarten through 5th grade on Wed. night. So not only did Isaac go upstairs, so did Selah. ALSO come to find out, this is exactly how things were run last year.......SOOOOO....Isaac already went upstairs last summer. This is all old hat for him. I just have a terrible memory and forgot. oops.

So actually, I should have been crying over my sweet little Selah walking up that big ol' staircase this year. Instead, I was so happy to have them both upstairs together. Selah was super excited too!!

And just to clue you in as to how neurotic I actually am ~ it's not as though they are headed out into the "big unknown" upstairs all by themselves. Their dad is the Children's Pastor, for goodness sake. He's right up there with them leading the music.

It's just that they're getting so big....

I'm determined to take them to the beach a million times this summer, read a gajillion books, paint toenails and make mo-hawks with hair gel, run around outside chasing them on their bikes and just enjoying them. They are getting big WAY TOO FAST!!!!!!!

Go enjoy your chillins~

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Anonymous said...

The next time you blink, he'll be 18yo and graduating homeschool.

Ask me how I know...sigh!