Saturday, June 14, 2008

Like mother, like daughters

Before my children head off to bed, they are required to pick-up their rooms. At least put the toys in the toy basket and the clothes in the laundry hamper. So when I put my girls to bed the other night, their room was fairly clean and organized and picked-up.

Yet this is what I found later that evening as I peeked in on them before going to bed myself:

Obviously, they had a party before falling asleep. Hey, they were quiet ~ I didn't hear a thing!

And I can't really blame 'em. This is what my sink looked like that same night:

Like mother, like daughters...


mama said...

hey it's happens! It's cleanupable:)so I guess it's al right :):)
Thanks for showing bits of reality. I've been doing the same on my blog and it's liberating!!(for others too!)

Julie said...

Thats so funny!
I often wonder how my kids can go to bed in a clean room and wake up in a disaster area!

Anonymous said...

Funny post! :) Boy howdy, can I relate. Ha!

I love the colors on your walls, btw. So refreshing and fun!