Saturday, June 14, 2008

I wish I could show you...

As of late, my children - the older two at least - have begun to show signs of wanting "privacy" while changing, or going to the bathroom, or taking a bath. Normal. Natural. Understandable.

I also think it's so cute!

Anyway....the other weekend, we were having a nice visit with some friends. The men had plans to put in a window air conditioner, the women had plans to....well...sit and visit (she's only a few weeks from having baby #3). The kiddos just wanted to play.

Once the air conditioner was in, the kids got a chance to play outside - HOT! The sprinkler was hooked up and they were good to go. We went inside to prep for lunch. The men head outside to get the grill going and yell that "you've GOT to see this!"....


When I step into the backyard, I see little naked bodies ~ and they are all *my* children! Even Isaac. I was shocked ~ and humored! They had found an umbrella and were all trying to hide underneath it while the water rained down on them. My friend's girls (5 & 3) were nicely clothed - but obviously mine found clothing completely useless and cumbersome.


And the pictures I got? Definite blackmail material when they are teenagers ~ I can't wait!

So, I wish I could show you the pics, but it just wouldn't be decent...

p.s. I *did* have a talk later about being decent and modest and CLOTHED for goodness sake.....we'll see if it sticks!


mama said...

Ha ha too cute! I bet that was a shocker!

Tim & Richelle said...

That is funny - I've had problems keeping clothes on mine, too. At least where we are (4 out of 5 years), that is totally cultural. But when we furlough (in Michigan), living in a missionary house across the street from our sending church's Christian school ministry, and my sister calls to tell me that my 2 year old is dancing out front, naked, in the snow - THEN... it is a problem. ;-)

Great story!