Thursday, July 17, 2008


Why am I yelling? Well, 'cause I get so frustrated.

Once again, my dh came home and told me, someone told him, they heard you can only have 3 c-sections and you're done. That's it.

No, that's not true.

Yet we've heard this from more than one nurse in our baby-makin' days. What's up with that?! All the OB's I've ever had (that would be four) have told us each woman is different. Each uterus is different. You need to find an OB you trust, ask them to please take a look "down there" during the surgery, and give you an honest, UNBIASED opinion of how things look.

Again, each uterus is different, that's why it's important to find an OB you trust. Yes, some OB's may just tell you things look bad, 'cause they don't *think* you should have another baby. But that's not their decision. You need the facts, so you can prayerfully make a decision with your dh. That's the truth.

Yes, this is our fifth c-section.

I have no idea how we're gonna do this we've been told NUMEROUS times you can't have more than 3 c-sections (amazing! Somebody better tell Elijah - my forth c/s baby - he's not supposed to be here).

Don't believe everything you hear ~ even from the so-called "professionals".

p.s. My grandmother had FOUR c-sections back-in-the-day. Back when they were the vertical kind. How can this MIS-information still be floating around out there??


My Life With Boys said...

Hasn't there been women who've had like 10 c-sections before? Just sayin''ve got 5 more to go! ;)

Cassandra said...

I don't know anything about the c-sections, but I get asked by *COMPLETE STRANGERS* in public, (when I am out with my four children 6 and under) if we are done having kids. Uh, hello? I don't even know you, and I am certainly not going to divulge any personal information! People just like to give their opinion on personal matters. Just don't let it bother you. This is number five in a short amount of time. People are going to talk. People in my church talk about how I am pregnant all the time! I know they are just waiting for the next announcement, and then they will be snickering and saying, "Don't you know what causes that?" Sigh. There is no getting away from the questions, dear Lori. It's bound to happen. Don't let it take away from your wonder or happiness over this new little life. Because each child is a miracle. I think most Americans have lost sight of that.

Anneatheart said...

You are right, that's bull. My OB told me, as she was stapling me back together, that my uterus looked great and I could have more. My mil had three and the dr. told her no more, she had the tubal and years later another doctor told her she could have had more. They were so upset because they did want more children.

Doctors just don't want the liability if something goes wrong because of multiple surgeries. You will be fine girlfriend :) YOu know more about it than these people who are telling you this- more than likely they are just spouting off some statistic they read or saw on TV.

Anonymous said...

Lori, GREAT post!!! I know exactly what you mean because as you know I'll be having my 5th c-section by the end of the year.

When I had my 4th section, I asked my Dr. to take a look around (I plan on asking him again this time). He did find a little thinning on my right side, but absolutely no reason as to why we couldn't have another baby. He said worst case scenario is that the placenta could become grafted to the uterus. Meaning it would need to be cut out, thus I would need a hysterectomy. This does not worry me at all as I would see this as a definite sign that we would be done.

God is sovereign and in control!

*MichiganMomma* said...

That is *exactly* how I feel about a hysterectomy - due to placenta acretia (or however that's spelled). I know there are risks, there are ALWAYS risks. If that does happen, that would sure be a definite sign, eh? I pray it doesn't happen, I would *like* more children, but if it does, so be it. With this many c-sections, my age, many factors - there will likely be a different ending other than simply me getting too old to have more babies (menopause). I guess that would be ideal, but with all my issues, I would be surprised to get that far.

And you are in my prayers Barbara - keep us informed of how things are progressing!! God bless you sister~

Anonymous said...

I'll try and be delicate here. As an OB/GYN nurse, weight is always a contributing factor as well. The heavier the mom is the more complications she can incur. Before and after delivery. Lots of layers of excess fat to be sewn back up etc.

Scarring on the uterus, with every incision more scar tissue builds up. No one knows for sure how much a woman will have. Every incision weakens the uterus, for the potential for a rupture.

*MichiganMomma* said...

Yes, absolutely weight is a factor ~ that is certainly *one* of the factors in this situation. Although my past two OBs have told me it's mainly just more difficult for *them*. THEY have to be more careful, take their time, it just overall takes longer.

Luckily, I have had no problems due to weight - such as high BP or gestational diabetes or blood clots or incision issues or whatever.

I'm certainly not advocating excess weight during pregnancy - not at all! I'm just saying I've dealt with many nurses (not really the OBs so much) who just ASSUME I'm going to have complications and problems and yet, all goes well. I had a "training student nurse" who picked me out *specifically* due to my apparent high risks. She was *sure* I was going to have all kinds of problems and would be a "fun" case (well, you know, she would learn a lot from my situation). Turned out I had no problems whatsoever (she was bummed). So being overweight is not an automatic problem.

And yes, I'm probably being too sensitive. darn. I know you mean well....but hey, that's hard on any woman.

So, if you are a lady out there who can lose the weight before becoming pregnant, by all means, do so! But if you overweight and already pregnant, you are NOT automatically going to keel over and die. Work with your OB and nurses but don't let them railroad you or make you feel bad. That's not healthy for the baby either.

*sigh* I guess I need to go exercise.....


p.s. as to the "rupture" I've heard so much about - when you get right down to it, if you DO end up rupturing - most likely it is going to be a "partial rupture" - like a tear or rip, but not all the way through your uterus. Not life threatening. Apparently, during a c-section, doctors routinely check a woman's uterus for these types of ruptures, to repair them. Can the other kind, the really serious all-out-busted-uterus kind happen? Yes. But the risks is very low - even in my situation of 5 c-sections.

Kelly said...

Can the other kind, the really serious all-out-busted-uterus kind happen? Yes. But the risks is very low - even in my situation of 5 c-sections.

Yes, and they can happen in women who have never had c-sections, too. Especially if they are being induced. Cytotec induction, for example, killed quite a few women and babies by causing uterine induction.

You've got the right idea, Lori. Yes, you do have higher risks, especially of placental abnormalities (previa, accretia, and percreta), but those are still rare. Thanks to ultrasound, you will know about them in advance, and can be prepared for that.

But many women can and do have more than 3 c-sections, and are perfectly healthy at the end of it.

I usually tell naysayers that I'm probably more likely to die in a car crash on my way to the hospital than to die of any childbearing complications. We just need to have a little perspective.

Jess said...

I am so shocked to hear people giving so much negative comments. It's not like your not already pregnant what exactly do they think you should do, tell God to take back his sweet wonderful blessing (come on guys). My doctor and I have discussed this very topic and he told me he has had women have 6 csection and have done fine with them. We are thinking of not having anymore after this one but he told us if we want more that he tought it was okay. I trust my doctort he has never done anything for me to question him, he is very good.

But seriously guys I think it is great that she is pregnant and the Lord is still blessing her. He is the one that will be with her and if he thought she couldn't handle it or that her body couldn't handle it he wouldn't have have given her such a wonderful blessing. And like I stated it's not like she isn't already pregnant so I guess what I am saying if you are thinking negative thoughts keep them to yourself and say congrats to Lori and her family. And guys she is just newly pregnant her hormones are all over the place, not upset her. I mean that in a loving way :)

Lori-I commented on your comment on my blog. thanks a bunch.