Sunday, July 20, 2008

Frustrated & Domestic

But they're not related.

The frustrated part: I need to be healthier - eating-wise, that is. But man, it's so hard. Part of that is due to the Domestic part (ok, I guess they *are* related). I'm at home ~ which I love ~ and I'm making meals for people all day long. I bake bread (oh. my. goodness. so good!), I do things like make granola, reheat leftover, try to make sure my kiddos aren't eating too much processed stuff.....yet in the process, I am SURROUNDED by food. Food which I love. Food which is *good*. Really good (if I do say so myself).


It's hard.

I've tried liquid diets - it's like a drug addict preparing other people needles for them - or an alcoholic bartender. It's awful. It's an addition. And it's not as though you can just walk away from food. That's what I did years ago when I wanted to stop smoking (ah...a bit of history you may not have known - from the college years...) - I just threw them away and basically stopped hanging out with that crowd (which wasn't good for me in other ways either). Cold turkey.

You can't go "cold-turkey" with food.

*big sigh*

So since I can't go cold-turkey, I have to eat (for the baby if nothing else), I have to have a back-up plan.



Ok, not a perfect plan, I admit. I mean, I've done this route before ~ it lasts for like 3, 4 days top. Maybe my videos aren't quite cutting it.

So anyways....that's where we're at. Any advice or thoughts or encouragement or empathy would be greatly appreciated. GREATLY!

p.s. oh ya, the Domestic Part: I baked a whole chicken today in the crock pot. I've never done that. But I got a whole chicken in the last Angel Food box we bought. Then I read about Tammy's chicken recipe ~ perfecto! I highly recommend you try it out. It works great in the crock pot, there's plenty of yummy juices for gravy, oooo yummy!

And there again, a perfect example of my domestic frustration. ~L.


mama said...

Yes I hear ya......and me too. BIG sigh:)

Kelly said...

I think you have to find something that really clicks with *you*. I've been reading a series on a favorite blog of mine, bearing blog. She just finished up a weight loss series, where she talks about how she examined all the factors that go into when and how much she eats. I'm posting the link to the final article, because it has links to all of them at the top.

Anneatheart said...

I am the same way. I did really well Monday on my cleanse, but now I just don't want to. When i feel bad I know I need to change some things etc. and then I feel better and fall off...I have done better about baking sweets- only once a week :) I bake bread once a week and could eat loads of it, but I'm cutting back on it. I think you should eat what you want as long as your meals are balanced and eat until the food doesn't taste as good. That's generally a signal that you've had enough.

Julie said...

I have no idea how I found your blog, but it caught my eye because I am from Michigan, too! Congratulations on your baby. We have five children, too. AND, we also have a Selah. Congratualtions again on your newest blessing!