Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just breathe!

I have visions of my son - one day relating to his therapist how he had to help his mother through crisis after crisis as a small child....

Today, I was going through a mini-crisis (ok, there were TWO mini-crises). At this particular moment, I was mixing up the wet ingredients for pancakes. My phone rings - it's my mom - I pass the phone off to the children, still intent on mixing up the pancake batter. Two of my children start to argue about whose turn it is to talk to Mema next. One of my children runs into a wall. One of them wants to know when the pancakes are going to be ready and do I have the heart-shaped pancake maker-thingy????

At that particular second, I dropped the bowl of WET ingredients. No, not just that - I dropped the bowl of WET ingredients down in between the stove and the cabinet. Yup. In between.

I started crying.

I look over at my son, who *really* wants his heart-shaped pancakes (and was probably worried his neurotic mother would give-up and throw some dry cereal at him) calmly starts whispering:

"Shhh, shhh, Momma, it's okay. It was an accident. Remember, Momma, remember....just breathe"
(a nice calming technique we taught him when he used to freak out about EVERYTHING).

and breathe I did ~ my children eventually got heart-shaped pancakes ~ I eventually got to talk to my mother ~ and everything was fine...until the next crisis. (it's the hormones, right?!? Is this what happens to me *every* time I get pg?? - don't answer that, Dean....)

p.s. the other mini-crisis today involved apple juice, poop, and ice water......but I won't bore you with the details....~Lori


Shannon said...

Sorry you had such a day! Sounds like you need a hug! (((((HUGS)))))

God Bless,

Kenni B said...

Is Dean's BROTHER allowed to answer that question? LOL

I wouldn't dare. Especially since I'm coming up there this weekend, and possibly bringing Crystal. I don't need any revenge stories being told or foreign substances added to any food I am served.

Love you Sis!

mama said...

so funny..though i know you didn't think s then:)

Anonymous said...

apple juice, poop, and ice can't go wrong there! HAHA!!!!


Tess said...


Take a minute and go to Joy Home Sorry, I don't know how to put the thingy in That you just click on, but be sure to read her for some encouragement, and so you don't feel so alone in all of this chaos.

God cares, Pray for Dad.


Jenny said...

Oh man, what a mess!
C'mon bore us with the details...that's what we're here for!

Julie said...

You are so funny! Everyday I start off with..."today, no matter what happens, I am not going to freak out"....I usually fail by 9am!! Kind of like how my "diet" starts..and ends every Monday--by 9am.

P.S. My husband was working at Cornerstone EPC in Brighton while he was in school--it is the church we attend, too. Now, he is an environmental scientist in Brighton. I am so happy to have met you in blog world!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute real life story! I'd cry too and I'm not even pregnant.

What a sweetheart of a son, made me smile.

God bless you and your family,