Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random Details

Some random details....

My sweet boy turns 7 in August. He has requested a Little Einsteins themed birthday party. He is very excited! He planned it all out this morning. *big sigh* So very sweet~

We are working on many things with Tali. MANY things. Thumb-sucking is just one of them. Potty-training is still in process, although the good days are about even with the not-so-good days finally. Finally...

Look at my lil' momma. She loves our friends' new baby girl. She can't wait to grow up and be a Momma too~

~Hanging out with some good friends~

We got ourselves an honest-to-goodness FARM ed-ju-ma-ca-tion recently. The kids had such a good time. Here is Selah in one HUGE tractor wheel.

Elijah Rock & his daddy. He has the *best* expressions!

They look so little! Isaac was *sure* this silo was filled with MILK. He was just *sure*!

Lovin' my little man~

Mooooooo!! Hey, watch out! That one's THE BULL!

And lastly, without pics, summer is slipping away. I have lots of planning to do for homeschool stuff, for the Kid's Choir at church - yet first, I have to get things in ORDER around here. I'm gonna jump-start that with a fast. I need to get my focus back where it should be - and that includes taking care of Momma so Momma can take care of everyone else!

So it won't be anything drastic, just a basic liquid diet fast (with lots of lemon-water to cleanse) so I can refocus. I'll check in with you on Monday when I start~

Have a great day~


Shari said...

It looks like you're having lots of fun! Enjoy the rest of your summer. I know what you mean about focusing. I'm finding the need to do just that.


Cassandra said...

Boy, your baby is getting big! I think he is only a little older than my baby, Chloe- who is 13 months- am I right? Oh, by the way, this is Cassandra. Wonder where I had gone to? Due to really weird circumstances, I had to give up blogging. I still read yours, though. I have been here- reading all your posts on my Google reader. Just kind of in the background. Life is too busy to leave comments on that many blogs, so I really don't visit blogs very often now- i just read new posts on my reader. I just wanted to pop in and say, "I'm here!" I hate it when someone that you have gotten to know mysteriously vanishes, and then I went and did it to my few blog readers that I had. Oh well, life happens, I guess. Have a great day!

*MichiganMomma* said...

Hi Cassandra ~ I was wondering what had happened to you. I'm sorry you had to stop blogging, but hey, life happens! I'm just hoping you weren't *forced* to stop blogging by some mean person in internet-land....

Yup, Elijah is just about 17 months old now. He's sitting on my lap, with two little matchbox cars, saying "Roooooooooooooom". He's getting big, alright! He has switched to a big-boy bed (a twin) and just LOVES being big like his brother - adorable!!

Hope you are doing great and I'll miss reading about your life. God bless you sister~

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures.