Thursday, July 10, 2008


I know, I know, it seems that all my posts lately are just pics of my kiddos having fun. Well, it's summer!! So if you aren't interested just skip on to the next blog. If you're family or a friend who just got some time on your hands ~ enjoy!

Here's Tali. She's so happy! This is the day she finally got to wear *that* skirt (it used to be her sister's) and I let her wear her hair in a headband (which don't stay on and her hair hangs in her face). I just couldn't resist her cuteness!

Elijah hanging out with friends (who feed him french fries ~ TWO at a time, no less!). This and the following few pics are from a recent town parade. My dh entered a float (well, it was a boat pulled by a truck...) for his Children's Ministry - hence, we got to be in the parade!!

Selah - goodness, so sweet! She wanted to eat the candy - but did end up throwing some to the crowd as well.

Isaac. My sweetie. He was so cute. Later that evening, we stopped by Wendy's for some frosties. Right before we went in he stopped and said, "Wait! We're all wearing the same shirt!" in a frantic voice. "yes...." we replied. "Well, everyone will *look* at us". Oh honey, everyone already looks at us. It's okay.....*wink*

Here's Isaac again about to get drenched. This was at our recent church picnic. They held it at a park with a Spash Pad. Very cool! It was a hot, sunny day - perfect!

Even Elijah got wet! We set him down and simply let him go where he wanted to ~ which was right into the water! He had a blast~

Tali trying to be brave. (as a side note, I want to find some new suits for my girls. They don't have to be those very modest full skirts or anything, just maybe some ruffles, something that will more fully cover their little bums. Just a bit more modest, but not necessarily a full-blown outfit.)

Selah proud of going right into the water - she wasn't scared a bit!

And there ya go.
We're headed to a local Family Night tonight, down by the river, which is fun. We've also got a local cruise night with drive-in movie next week, and of course, the big Port Huron to Mackinac boat race. It's a hoppin' time around here. Then VBS ~ what a blast!

So if I'm not around a lot, you'll know why....I'm still trying to hit some of your blogs though, some really good stuff out there!! Keep it up~


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!!

Gee looks like Hershey Park! (Hershey, PA)I think Hershey Park has that same water thingee.

Bathing suits...ugh! My little girls are still in they wear those disposable swim diapers, and a bathing suit over it. Have you checked out Old Navy? At least online? I just bought some bathing suits off there.

Marion said...

Hi Lori! Found your blog from the class reunion website. Your kids are gorgeous. :) Sounds like you are very happy.


My Life With Boys said...

Just saw your new little baby bar up top! Wa-ho and congratulations! Keep us updated on how your pregnancy gos! Your kids are all so adorable!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the little baby ticker! Congrats on #5! I LOVE having five - it's always a party! God is so good to bless you with another little one.