Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yup, it's happening...

You are *not* seeing things. That's a new baby ticker up there. I wasn't even sure they MADE tickers for neurotic women who find out they're pregnant at only 5 weeks - but hey, they DO!

I'm a bit nervous. I'm not sure why. I've never really had pregnancy issues - except for some scary bleeding with my first, yet it all ended fine with no real problems. It's almost as though I'm thinking, "I've had four healthy pregnancies. How many do I *get* before I end up with a miscarriage?".

I know, horrible thinking. It's just my neurotic brain working overtime.

This is actually the first pg test I've taken where the positive line appeared so BOLDLY and so quickly. There were no doubts about the results, let me tell you!

We are all VERY excited around here! My dh wants us to NOT find out the sex and be surprised. I'm a planner. This will be EXTREMELY hard for me to do. Yet the surprise element of the whole thing would be pretty awesome....especially with everything else being all planned-out (fifth c-section and all). Let's see if I can actually resist~~


Shari said...

After 4 babies, I think the sex of the baby may be the only suprise left. It sounds like a good idea to me.


Holly said...


Cassandra said...

YEAHH!!!! Congrats! We didn't find our with our fourth, Chloe. It was really neat doing that. And even though we didn't 'officially' know, (I felt the entire time she was a girl) we still had need of nothing when she was born. It was fun, but hard. My husband stood firm, though, and I am glad he did. For the next one, (no next one yet!) I don't know if I want to not find out again. It is hard on this impatient Mama. It was really neat though, when she was born, and they said, "It's a girl!" And hey, we are all a bit nervous about pregnancies. It's just human nature. Take it easy, and take lots of soothing bubble baths! ~Cassandra

Annemarie said...

Yea!! You can wait! Really, it will be a cool surprise and it's kind of fun annoying all the people that want to know. (Did I say that?)

Praying that you have a healthy, easy pregnancy.


Tess said...

I know my daughter...if not knowing actually happens, it will be because Dean stands firm on it and doesn't give in to Lori, who I KNOW, will want to know!!!

Dad and are thrilled either way.

Just don't fall asleep while you take that nice liesurely bath, because with all the other babies it will have to be done after their bedtime or not at all!

Take care of yourself and we love you all.


Shannon said...

Congratulations Lori!!!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...


Congratulations Lori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary in TN

Jess said...

Hello, I am a regular reader of your blog, I don't believe I have ever posted before. I do enjoy your blog very much and look forward to reading something new.

I am thrilled to hear that you are expecting another baby. What a wonderful blessing from the Lord.
I always worry when I first get pregnant. Of course I have experienced a miscarriage with my very first pregnancy. But after that every pregnancy I have had has been fine. I am expecting baby #3 in December. Anyway it is okay to worry, it is part of being a mommy, you start worry about your baby as soon as you know you are expecting one.

What an inspiration you are, my hubby and I are discussing stopping at three because we are afraid for me to have any more c sections. And here you are ready to have #5. Wow that is great.

I don't know if I could go without knowing what I was having, especially right now because I have two boys and we are hoping of a girl but if it is a boy that is of course okay, God will give me what he wants me to have. Anyway good luck on trying not to find out what you are having. I don't think I could do it :)

I hope everything goes well for you and your family. God bless you :)

Theresa said...

YAY!!!!! Congratulations .... March baby? My birthday's 3/15 -- that would be neat! :o)

Anneatheart said...

Congratulations Lori! You'll have a March baby- your youngest will be 2?

I want you to be honest here- does it ever scare the heck out of you to know you will be having lots more babies? I know you sometimes struggle like I do, and so I'm wondering if you ever doubt your conviction.

Do the c-sections make you nervous at all? I get all nervous just talking about my c-sections. They sure are quick and easy to plan around though :)

Do you ever get morning sickness? That's the part i hate!

*MichiganMomma* said...

Ugh, I tried to answer your question in a comment - but it was just too long. I'll write up a post on it soon...I doubt you are the only momma with worries about more children.

The quick answer: yes, I sometimes freak out. But with each day, each child, each prayer, things get easier to handle. I'm having to change my mindset from a "momma of 1 or 2" to a "momma of many" (although I'd hardly call 5 *many*). It's just different - not better or worse - just different. You can't handle 5 the same way you handle 1 - just can't be done. And that's okay.

More later...

*MichiganMomma* said...

Oh, and yes, Elijah will have just turned 2 in February - I can't believe it!

My oldest was 18mo. when my 2nd baby was born. THEN, he seemed like a big brother, so grown up. NOW, looking at little Elijah, he is just a *baby*!! It's amazing how our perspective changes~

p.s. not really morning sickness, just some nausea. I *feel* like I'm going to throw up - hate smells!! ugh - but I rarely do throw up. I *hate* to throw up. But each pg is different. They say it usually hits about 6-8 weeks. I'm almost there, so we'll see... ~L.