Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feeling the Fabric

I had to meet with our Pastor of Music today, regarding the Children's Christmas Musical for this year. The meeting was super-quick and I was outta there in less than 20 min. But...I had taken a shower! I had gotten dressed...nicely. What was a girl to do?

I headed on over to Joann Fabrics, of course!

There I walked around, feeling the fabrics as I went. I can't just *look* at all the different beautiful fabrics - I have to touch 'em! So there I am, feeling my way up one row and down the other. Bending over to get a good feel of the bottom row, oblivious to everyone else around me....ahhh....I finally settled on a reduced price cotton/spandex blend (good for the ever-changing preggo body) and I'm gonna try my hand at recreating a skirt I've about worn out by wearing it so much! We'll see how that goes...

It was fairly cheap, thank goodness. I also saw some not-so-cheap fabrics I would love to get my hands on, not to mention a nice looking dress pattern or two that would be great even as maternity dresses. *sigh* I WILL find the time this winter! I WILL!!

So, do you "feel" the fabric?? Do you get lost in the yarns at your local craft shop? Is it just this time of year, or do you feel "crafty & creative" all year long? Let us know~

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Not only do I feel the fabric, I unroll it a bit and hold it up to me at the waist (for a skirt) or up over my shoulder, (for a top or a dress). I have even been known to go hunt down a mirror and get a good look. We try on clothes before we buy them, and the fabric is soon to be clothing, so, why not. I am also very careful to re-roll all fabric and put it back exactly where I got it, always!

Mary in TN