Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday

Friday was Isaac's 7th birthday - I can hardly believe it!!

We had normal stuff to do, some shopping, errands and then Bible Study. We did have a nice Spiderman cake to celebrate after the Bible Study, which was nice.

So today, Saturday, we are having his official birthday party - never have you seen such an excited kid!! Dean is off getting a few more things for the party, while I am at home, doing dishes and making cupcakes. I just would have bought them (I like things simple when there's going to be many people over) but I told Isaac he and his friends could frost and decorate them themselves. Sounds messy yet fun!

It's going to be pretty laid back, some a few friends, a few families and some of our relatives. My parents couldn't make it (which totally bummed us out), but Dean's mom and bro are on their way, so Isaac is happy!

I'll get some pics posted later this weekend ~ it's so HOT here today (of course. It *is* Aug.), so I'm sure everyone will be sweaty and sticky! Oh well....

Have a great day today~

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My 33rd b-day was the 21st.