Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yup, everything is great with this little one!

Had an ultrasound - I saw the baby IMMEDIATELY with a nice, strong heartbeat (like 176 - the nurse said it's usually really fast this early). My due date is officially March 18th - and of course, I'll have a scheduled c-section no more than a week early. All my blood tests and such came back great! I have been upset about not being able to lose weight before conceiving this child - I was fairly depressed about the whole thing when I went in. I had convinced myself I was a mess, health-wise.

Instead, my wonderful OB told me over and over again how healthy I was. Sugars were GREAT, BP was right where it should be - and all my blood tests came back normal, even my thyroid (Hurray!). So while I'm obviously encouraged to eat healthy, lots of fresh fruits & veggies and whole grains, she said not to stress about it. Whoo-hoo!

And I seem to have a lot on my plate - my OB was very kind, not condescending, yet told me I was one busy woman. She talked one time about how in a few weeks things might ease up a bit when a couple of my little ones went to, yes, they will start school, and *I* am their teacher! I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and getting pretty down on myself about not being able to keep up perfectly. My conversation with her really helped me, in how I am viewing myself, my expectations, etc. I already *knew* the stuff she talked about - but it was different coming from her. You know, you don't listen to yourself, your husband, your mother - but you listen to the professional?! Duh, Lori....

Anyways, I'm feeling better. I'm still sleeping in too late, I'll have to change that a bit when school starts - but as my own mother says, I am *not* a morning person. One of the advantages of homeschooling is flexibility. I can give my kids their t.v/computer time in the morning, while I am waking up and getting ready. We can then do breakfast and regular morning chores. Then we can attack school together when Momma is awake and sane. As long as it works FOR US, then I should not beat myself up for not rising at 5am. (sorry honey)

The internet is great, I'm so thankful for it, but there are times I know I expect too much of myself and want to perfect - due in part to seeing other women who seem to have it all together. If I can face the reality that I will soon have 5 little ones to take care of - and there is really nothing I would rather do, even when it is really hard - perhaps I can ease up on my own expectations, at least while they are all so young. As my children grow and mature, maybe I'll have more time to be crafty, sew, crochet, deep-clean my house (okay, just clean my house), etc.etc.etc.....but for right now, I've got to simply do my best, aiming to please the Lord and my dh. That's it.

So for now, start school with the little ones (we're starting Sept. 8th), grow a baby inside and give myself a break!

Sounds great~


Barb said...


Shannon L. Fowler said...

What a GREAT ultrasound pic!!! Your little baby is so cute in there!!!

God Bless,
Shannon in NC

Anonymous said...

I've been praying for the new little one! I am so glad to see everything is A-OK!!

Lori, honestly, maybe the best thing you can do right now for yourself is to stop reading the blogs that make you feel inadequate. Live your own life, ya know? You Are Doing A Great Job!!

When my kids were young, we only schooled in the afternoons. Mornings were for waking up, errands, baking, stories etc... No school till afternoon. Now that my last child at home is in 7th grade (when did that happen??) school takes us about 7 hours. Enjoy the short days while you can!

PS. I think the new baby is a girl. Rapid heartbeat.

Congrats to you!!

Mary in TN

Annemarie said...

Yea on the doc's report!!!

And I want to tell you a little secret...I found out I was pregnant on January 6th and we just started back to school 2 weeks ago. Yep, can you say 8 month break? We did "tidbits" of stuff here and there, but I was too sick and too tired to do anything except grow this baby.

I really learned during that time, that there are moments in my life when I have to put my agenda on hold and be content with getting done what I am physically able to do while maintaining a joyful attitude. It was a hard lesson.


Tereza said...

I loved this honest post!!
if it helps at is another mom who doesn't have it all together!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Hi Lori,

I sometimes post on the Beautiful Womanhood website.

I am so glad that everything is ok with your little blessing! What a relief for you. Glad you were encouraged at your visit.

About the homeschool schedule - you are exactly right when you say you need to do what works for your family and your schedule! God knows and He knew that you would be blessed with a new baby this year!

I have heard of families that school in the evenings etc... as that works for the family schedule. Trust God for your schedule and do not compare yours with anyone elses!

Have a great year!

Julie said...

Glad to hear you and baby are healthy. :)
Listen well to our friend Mrs. Rabe. This year has been so much easier for me just because I let go of what MY expectations were and listened more to what my family needed. They did not need some of the extra stuff I was trying to cram in, they needed more relaxation and together time. :)