Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm gonna do it!

For this baby, along with our traditional crocheted blankie for the wee one, I am planning on trying my hand at quilting. Quilting has long intimidated me. All that cutting, planning, arranging, sewing, quilting, etc.etc.etc......I just stayed away.

Yet I happened to stumble across "Rag Quilt" from Kathy, From the Mission Field of the Home.

This I can do!
(I think)

She assures her readers that it really *is* simple, just some basic cutting and simple sewing. Since it's for a baby, it can be light-weight and doesn't need batting or any extra layers. Again, I *think* I can do this.

I have about 30 weeks to figure it out.
(I know that *seems* like a long time, but really, in "Momma-Time" it's not that long)

Ok, time to get back to the camping laundry that seems to be multiplying before my very eyes. Later my friends~

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Anonymous said...

If you start your quilting experiences with charm packs, which is just 5" squares of fabrics, most of the cutting is done for you! You can do it! If you make a mistake, just say to yourself, "Oh well, no one will notice." It works for me every time. LOL

Mary in TN