Wednesday, August 13, 2008

it hurts to even type it...

but I must.

I have to pare down (is that how you spell that?? Pare? Pair? whatever) my blogs on my Google Reader. I just spend too much time daily trying to keep up with some really good blogs. It's not that I don't *really* enjoy their blogs, I do! Some of them are so much like my own life, I find comfort in their mishaps, encouragement in their success, and even a good ol' belly laugh now and again.

But I'm running out of time.

As I try to plan ahead for this fall (it's almost here - just a few more weeks), I realize the need for some tighter schedules, less t.v., less computer - for the kids and for myself. How can I hold them accountable if I'm making excuses so I can "just finish reading these last few blogs"? No matter how good they are.

There are a few blogs I added and well, WHY did I add them?? They make me upset and frustrated. I'm amazed people really belief such nonsense. When I first started going to this one site in particular, I thought it was smart, articulate, sassy. Now I realize it is just causing me frustration and saddness. These ladies are smart, but obviously confused right now. I already know I don't agree with these ladies, I already know how they feel about me - why am I still reading? I think it's like a train-wreck: you don't *want* to watch, but somehow you find yourself staring....

The hardest will be those wonderful moms out there with great blogs. Mommas who share many of the same values, beliefs and convictions that we hold ~ wonderful ladies ~ but I just don't have time to keep up with how many wonderful, godly ladies there are out there. I wish I did.

So as much as it pains me, I will be whittling down my reader ~ to the bare minimum. Right now, in this time, I have some other priorities. Later, I may find myself with some more time to catch up and enjoy stories from other ladies. But not now.

I'll be here though. Blogging about homeschooling, scheduling, loving our children, loving our husbands, dealing with new schedules, chores, whining, diaper-disasters, the NEED for know, the life of a Momma! As I find the time, I will type out some of our days, if only for our own future generation to read and reminisce and laugh out loud at.

Thank you LORD, for giving me this opportunity!! What a gift~


Kelly said...

I wanted to let you know that I've made your buttermilk cake with caramel icing several times now, and it's a big favorite with me. Three of my friends have demanded the recipe!

If you have any more like that, be sure to pass them along. :)

Annemarie said...

Smart woman! There are definitely times to go back to basics. I know that I will be there in a few weeks and blogging (and blog reading will) won't even take a back seat, it will be put in the trunk until I get time to unpack it.

I also understand that urge to read that which annoys. I recently (early July) deleted all my cookies that were making it easy to visit a forum that drove me bonkers every time that I went there. It has been such a blessing to say good-bye to that!

I hope that you are feeling well, no sickness or anything. I went to my OB yesterday and he estimates that with 4 weeks to go, this baby is 7 lbs. Just a tad bit scary. But a reminder that God is in control!


theresa said...

Hopefully you'll keep reading your fellow MI bloggers (me,me,me!!) LOL! :o)

Anonymous said...

I can so relate!! I know a site i go to daily just to see what they today to blow my mind. And not wow, I can do that either. Blow my mind in, do people do that???