Friday, September 5, 2008

God is at work here!

God is *totally* at work - today - here - in our lives.

A bit of history, in case you forgot: We went on a mini-vacation to the Creation Museum. We had to get TWO hotel rooms, due to the size of our family (hello, people? we only have 4 kids?!). So my dh & I were not able to sleep in the same room, let alone the same bed. This is the first time we have had this issue. Oh well...

My dh ended up being very sick that weekend. I was actually a bit thankful that I didn't have to sleep in the same bed as that increasingly sick man!

We get home fairly late Monday night. He leaves for work in the morning on Tuesday (I hardly saw him). While he is at work, I decide to REPACK and head over to visit my parents. Since he still felt awful, Dean was just fine with us heading off and giving him some time to recover.


Dean still felt awful, so he went to the doctor. Probably just some infection, a virus, you'll be fine - here, take some antibiotics. Next day, he wakes up with a rash and cold sores. He visits the doc again, who tells him "We're not exactly sure what you have, but stay away from people with cancer & pregnant women".

I began to rethink the last week. I honestly believe the Lord was keeping us apart during that time. Yes, we were still "together", but most of the time, we were not in close quarters. We were not kissing, being all mushy or any of that. He felt too awful and I didn't want us BOTH to be sick.

Then, out of the blue, my mother invites us to their place. It just so happened that we could go! So again, I'm away from my contagious husband who's not supposed to be around pregnant women.

All just chance?! Maybe, I guess. But I doubt it. I don't really think the Lord works *by chance*. I believe He has a plan for this little one. Big plans. The Lord knows what this child will accomplish for HIS glory. He protected this child, even when we - the parents - didn't know protection was needed.

Cool, huh!?!


Barb said...


Anonymous said...

Ok if it's a virus you shouldn't be taking an antibiotic. If your dr said (or thought) it was a virus and gave an antibiotic, he/she is a quack.

Get a second opinion!

A rash? Sounds like a reaction to the antibiotic. Cold sores, ewwwwww. Glad I never had those. Definitely no kissing ANYWHERE.

Anonymous said...

Different Anon: I don't see anywhere this blogger states that her husband is still taking the original medicine but....give them the decency and expect that they have some idea on how to take care of themselves.

Anonymous said...

The antibiotic was originally a "since we don't know what it is" coverage med. They still have not confirmed it was a virus, but the cold sores would tend to indicate that. Also, the rash was not a reaction to the medication, it actually looked like the west nile rash I had a few years back (Yes I did, and yes I survived).

Also, keep us in your prayers as the car broke down while Lori was on her way home. She is still with her parents and has to wait until Monday to have the car looked at. Sounds like the catalytic converter, and sounds expensive. Ugh!

Lori's DH - Dean

Julie said...

Oh, God is good.

Praying for the car. The catalytic converter went out on the first car I ever had. On a bridge. At 11pm. I was 16 or 17. Cute police man though so it all went well. LOL

Hope your hubby is feeling better.