Monday, September 8, 2008

Update & Observation

Well, we are still in Indiana. I just spoke with the tire & auto place this morning and *hopefully* they will get back with me this afternoon with an estimate. Just praying it's not too expensive & it won't take too long to fix. I am not good at the "single parent" thing. My folks are great, of course, but it's not the same. My kids miss their daddy - especially the 3 yog - and so do I.

My dh is doing much better. No more fever, while the rash & cold sores are diminishing. He's getting back to normal, although he still needs to rest. I *am* glad he has this chance to rest - that just usually doesn't happen when you're the daddy to four small children, plus the husband to a preggo wife.

And lastly, I am dealing with a massive migraine that just won't leave. It's been over 24 hours and well, it stinks, to put it mildly.

I haven't wanted to really discuss Sarah Palin as of yet, here on my blog. Just so you know kinda where I'm coming from, I think she could be AWESOME for our country. There's much more to my opinion, but that will just have to wait for now.

ANYWAYS......the Observation. I attended church at my parent's church this past Sunday morning. Did anyone else see a plethora of "Sarah Palin" hair-dos??? I was sitting about half-way back in the sanctuary and saw quite a few
variations of her hair-style, as I saw it on t.v. for the RNC. I couldn't help smiling each time I saw one. What an interesting little trend~

Ok, time to go take care of my babies.
Later, my friends~


Anonymous said...

I heard through Jeff about the car repair estimate....ugh....
I hope you get home soon.


Anonymous said...

Hurry up and come home!!! I miss you!


Anonymous said...

come home's ladies night out Thursday....Olive Garden!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any news???? You need to come home........Now! Or whenever you can get there..... : )
Talk to you soon