Thursday, September 11, 2008


I know, like you were all holding your breath. right.

Anyways, it took $1000 to fix the van plus the added cost of just being so far away from home with 4 small chillins. Don't you spend more money when you're away from home? I always do. But the time with my folks was nice, and I'm glad the kids got to hang out with my parents, especially my dad (they see him less often). Praise the Lord, that while we don't simply have $1000.00 lying around, waiting to be spent, we are able to swing things to get it paid. It'll be tight around here for awhile - time to get creative, I guess!!

I've got more to share - of course - but my house is trashed. How do these things happen?? It's not from my dh, he had it all nice and cleaned up when I got home last night. It seems my kids REALLY missed all their own toys over this past week or so - they got out every single one!! I've got to empty a huge suitcase, CLEAN the kitchen and do some last minute planning for home school (we will be officially ONE week late - but we'll make it up here and there over the year, easy). Luckily, all the kiddos are taking a quiet time.

AND, my LNO is tonight (LNO = Ladies Night Out). We're going to Olive Garden - YES, thank you Joann!! I'm hungry already...

Ok, time to start cleaning. My home smells like a bachelor has lived here for a week....oh, ya, that's right......(*wink* luv ya babe)

p.s. my kids have been playing "Horsie" or whatever you want to call it when they climb on each others' backs and ride around the house. They're having so much fun! And I'm having so much fun watching them~

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Dad said...


We love those grandkids of ours. They are so special. Each one of them in their own unique way. But I must say, Elijah was sure making up to his grandpa. And that smile is priceless. Give them all a big hug & kiss from Grandma & Grandpa.

We love you all and we especially love our time when we actually get some time to talk (that we miss).

Give Dean a hug to and we continue to pray for all of you.

Hope to see you all soon.

Love Dad.