Friday, September 12, 2008

A Mini Momma Treat

Here's my Mini Momma Treat. It's a......hmmm......I'm not sure what you call it?? A coffee cafe all my own. It holds one cup of coffee, a little cup for extra creamer and enough extra coffee for two more cups. The only extra thing I add is a packet of Stevia sweetener on the side.

I just love it! I can sit at the computer, drink my coffee, read my Bible, answer some email, check my blogs, refill my coffee, check the laundry, go over the upcoming school stuff, refill my coffee again and then just sit back and relax. It's just the cutest little item and I love it. I found it at a new resale shop while visiting my parents. My mother is the resale QUEEN!! I don't normally have to the time to browse through these types of shops, but I love it when I get the chance.

Another little diddy I picked up was this bread slicer for my dh. He loves my homemade bread but has a hard time slicing it for sandwiches. Here's a simple solution. He was pleased! Now I just need to bake some bread so he can try it out.

I picked up a few other items on my trip, some fabric, an apron for the girls, some jewelry, 2 maternity tops, a HUGE Strawberry Shortcake doll (I loved her as a little girl - I'm so glad she's popular again!), and other things I can't think of right now. When I get the pics, I'll share.

I also have lots of Creation Museum pics that I just downloaded. I'll put up some of the best ones soon too~

Gotta run~


Anonymous said...

I hope that's decaf coffee you're drinking. Caffeine is not good for the baby.

*MichiganMomma* said...

Ok, well, it's not decaf. My OB said it was perfectly fine to have a cup or two a day.

And I drink Diet Coke.

And I sometimes eat processed food.

I've been known to eat cantaloupe while preggo and even a soft cheese or deli meat.


Anonymous said...

I hope anon wants to take care of your 4 kids while you 'protect' the baby in utero, because there is no way you can keep up after them plus keep house. Hey anon: HUSH.

Eileen, Mother of 3 who somehow grew up and went to college, although I drank coffee. And they have no defects.

Anonymous said...

Well Lori-
The first 4 turned out great, so I say that the coffee thing is adorable and I'll have to check it out next time I'm over. I'm personally impressed that you used Stevia as the sweetener....that's very "hippie" of you! Talk to you later


Anonymous said...

Ok I have four children, so don't give me the excuse because she has 4 children and got pregnant w/the fifth she needs coffee. Not my choice, but hers.

My husband and I find that a well-balanced diet (no processed foods, fatty foods etc) and exercise keeps a body w/the energy it needs. Plenty of water also helps too.

Not everyone HAS to have coffee to function.

Dr's also think it's ok to have a glass or two of wine a week during pregnancy. Should we believ everything they say?

I guess I just want the best for my children. I don't want to kill their brain cells. No wonder children have ADD, ADHD, autism. parents thinking it's ok to do things because it was always ok.

Think about what you might be doing to this baby.

Anonymous said...

Anon - chill, in the name of Jesus. It not a matter of salvation we are discussing here.

Lori's hubby, Dean

*MichiganMomma* said...

Anon. - sorry that you seemed to have gotten the wrong impression. I do not *need* coffee because I am having my fifth child and it is oh so hard on me....not at all. I don't need coffee. During the summer months, I don't even use the coffee maker. It's just something I enjoy during the colder months, in the mornings. A nice, warm cup of flavored coffee.

And I do agree that a healthy, balanced diet is the way to go - with lots of water, of course. You are right. I guess I don't always follow that, obviously, but I'm okay with that too.

Be careful, though, of the comments you make when you judge parents of children with things such as ADD, ADHD or autism....many of these parents also believe in the healthy-diet, exercise, lots of water, approach. They did everything "right" and still, their children are unique, considered somehow not-perfect by our world's standards.

Just so you know, you come across as a bit haughty and rude. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just saying that's how you come across. Coming onto someone else's blog, telling them what do drink, telling me how to take care of my unborn child who I love. It smacks of haughtiness and a know-it-all, bitter attitude.

If you are not that person - GREAT!! But it just comes across that way.

Hope this can just be in the past now. I gotta get some sleep. Growing a baby here and all~

My Life With Boys said...'s 'just' coffee! I'm pregnant too and drink an occassional cup of Joe...shh...don't tell annonymous! ;)(Oh, and I sometimes eat deli meat baby will surely be born with three arms now!)Take care Lori- you're doing a great job!

Cassandra (a coffee drinker...) said...

Wow, I am in agreement with Sarah,(my life with boys) here! (she is my sis, after all...)There are so many bigger things out there to focus on- why waste your energy and time slamming someone for an occasional cup of-gasp- coffee??? While I totally think that we should treat our bodies with utmost care while pregnant, I don't think Lori is sitting around, thinking of ways that she can harm her baby. If she truly thought coffee would cause harm, then she would stop drinking it. And that would be her personal choice. Please, anon, put your energy into raising your four beautiful children.

Julie said...

Hey Lori! I love the cup. Too cute. And the bread slicer is magical. Since I started using mine dh loves my bread even more. LOL

*MichiganMomma* said...

Thanks Julie, that's the kind of comment I expected - like hey, nice coffer cup thingy! Or hey, that bread slicer would be great! Just simple homemaker stuff, ya know?!

ya never know....