Sunday, September 28, 2008

just need a little late night vent

Ok, Obama.

The "Born Alive" bill, the voting 4 times against it issue (if you don't know, go research it a bit, it's worth your time).

His main argument to try to cover his butt on this is: the language of the bill would have undermined Roe v. Wade.

So what?

If you believe a child - BORN ALIVE - should be taken care, given human rights and medical care, then you believe it. It doesn't matter if it affects Roe v. Wade. If you honestly believe babies that survive abortion, who are BORN ALIVE, should have human rights - be considered human - than that's all that matters. Vote your conscience.

IF, when a bill such as this is passed - and THEN, people begin to realize hey!, if *this* is true, perhaps our thinking about abortion is wrong....... SO BE IT!! You shouldn't be basing your decision about an infant being killed on how it may affect some other law. You should be basing it on what is RIGHT!

But then again, I obviously see why he voted the way he did. His supporters kill babies. They kill them in the womb, and out of the womb, apparently. To admit that a child born alive, even after an attempted abortion, is an actual PERSON - well - that's just a *little* too close to deciding that 10 seconds before, while the baby was still half in the womb, the baby was a person. And that 10 seconds before that, when the baby was all the way in the womb, that baby was STILL a person.

Yes, it's a slipperly slope, Sen. Obama. To admit babies are real PEOPLE is detrimental to the abortion activits that support you. If people start calling *babies* HUMAN, what's next?!? Now we're suppsed to believe that just because that baby IN THE WOMB can hear you, can feel all you do, all the pain, all the suffering, that somehow now *that* baby is HUMAN?? Oh no.....not that. We could never have that.

In fact, let's make this easy. A baby shouldn't *really* be a person for a few days, maybe a few weeks. Let's make sure NOTHING is *wrong* with it first. Isn't there some sort of genetic testing available? If it looks as though the...ahem..."baby's" care might be a burden on the family or the state, then get rid of "it" - hurry though, if you don't act soon, this infant might actually be considered a person - oh no....

(this was an after thought, so it's a bit raw)
for any Christians out there who are torn about the debate over abortion...I just don't get it. I have a hard time seeing this from any other viewpoint than murder. When I think about people killing babies in the womb....and how we LET them, I am sickened. I don't know what's right, what's the right thing to do ~ as a Christian? How do you save someone from murder and still "love" their murderer? How do we keep putting the murderer before the baby being murdered? I just can't wrap my head around what this country has allowed to happen.

But I do know this: how would we feel if they were using guns? How would we feel if they were killing babies 2 days old? And now how do we feel when they are killing babies 1 hour old? 1 hour BEFORE being born? If you have your own child, remember them 2 days old. Remember them 1 hour old. Remember your thoughts about that child 1 hour BEFORE he or she was born. They are babies. I feel torn apart inside. They are babies. dear God.

just one point of clarification (and it's also raw and emotional):

those women who have been vicitimized through abortion, those women that have been fed lies and now feel EVERY SINGLE DAY the pain of their anger, my overwhelming raw emotions, are not against you.

They are against all of us. All of us in America that have allowed abortion to become such a common-place topic. An issue we separate ourselves from, set on a shelf and simply go on with our lives. A remote subject that we dismiss and give over to the politicians. Even a topic we discuss at "Bible Study" so we can all feel good about our Pro-Life stance. I don't know what else to do, but as it stands now, it's not enough.

And when we sit back and think, well, it's the law - what are we supposed to do? we are just as guilty. They are babies. I'm sorry, but I just can't get past the babies. I just can't.


Mimi said...

I agree with you. Christians can say 24 hours a day until Jesus comes back that they are pro-life but just talking isn't going to do any good. We need to pray that the Lord will open our eyes to opportunities to have this abominable practice abolished through legal means. We also need to pray for a real heart change for the citizens of this country and this world to really value life from conception to the grave.

This issue really hits home with me today. My nephew was dedicated at church this morning along with three other little boys. They ranged from about a month old to 2 years old and to hear and read Scripture about how precious children are to God and to know that some people feel that the smallest and and most innocent members of our society aren't protected makes me sick and heartbroken. And it's just as much my fault for not expressing my outrage at this practice. For those who have undergone abortions they have nothing but my love, because Jesus loves them and if He- the only one who has any right to hate them for their actions loves them and wants a close relationship with them-feels that way, I with my sinful nature have no right to treat them with any less than love and compassion.

If my comments are too much edit them, delete them what ever you feel the need to do.

Mimi said...

That one part is supposed to read aren't worth protecting

Vix said...

Michagan Mama!! Hey I lost your blog site for ever ago and here you are preggers!! (I changed sites again, Was once joyhomeliving/thirdtimemomma)