Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a rainy inspiration!

It's a rainy day around here today. It's only gonna be about 57 - ahhh...that's my kinda weather!!

I'm inspired during those kinds of days to air out the house, to rearrange furniture or at least the knick-knacks, and on days like today (Oct. 1st) - decorate for the season. Hurray!! It's time to decorate for fall!!

Also, I've been inspired by some well-prepared ladies to at least attempt some crafty, ahead of time gifts for Christmas. I do have some fabric and cute patterns. I do have some yarn and could work up a project or two. I do have four cute, small children who could make some adorable family gifts. And I'm fairly good in the kitchen as well - when the time comes, I could put together some edible gifts as well. I know those always come in handy around our home in a pinch!

So anyways, I hope you all have a great day today! Enjoy this cooler, autumn weather. Enjoy your family & home. Count your blessings and thank the Lord for His goodness and provision!!



Vix said...

Im feeling so anxious to finish up school and get outdoors today! This time of year I just want to spend every last minute outside before the COLD weather hits.. Good job on thinking of crafty ideas for Christmas. I just have no inspiration that direction. :)

*MichiganMomma* said...

Lucky us, this is our first week of *real* fall weather (which I love, obviously!). My little ones don't really like to go outside in the heat, heat, HEAT - yet they love this weather, so they are enjoying more time outside.

AND, my dh is home on vacation this week, so we are going REALLY easy on school this week. There's learning going on, that's for sure, just most of it isn't while sitting down at the dining room table.

As to the crafty ideas, well....I'm *thinking* but not actually *doing* any of them yet. Hopefully some of them will actually come to fruition and not just remain ideas in my auburn head! HA!

Nice to "see" you again, Vix~

Anonymous said...

I like the cooler months too. Helps on the heating bills. Better sleeping weather! Altho the a/c is ALWAYS running in our home in the summer. Me and no a/c is not even doable. I'd go to a hotel w/the kids before I go w/o a/c lol. I'm just saying that because I don't like the heat. My children love the sun and warmth, thank goodness for the our own pool in the backyard, and the investment in a swing set.

Now to find stuff to do inside that doesn't involve tv and the like!

I'm not really into crafts and stuff, any suggestions? We have some board games and cards, but it that gets boring for the children.