Sunday, September 14, 2008

"We Eat Our Own"

I saw this over at Seeking Faithfulness - she got it from In The Heart of My Home. I read it a few days ago. Honestly, this is *not* about the anon. comments from before. It's not, although it did make me think of this blog post again. It set me thinking of how we Christian women treat each other, how we look at each other, and inevitably, judge each other. Has this gotten worse in recent years, or I am simply at that age that I am accutely aware of it now?? I don't know....

Go here to read the full article. Yes, it deals with some Sarah Palin stuff, but if you concentrate on just that, I think you are missing the deeper meaning. I am in NO way innocent on this front. I have done my fair share of judging other mommas. I still have to take a step back and re-evalutate my thoughts, so easy do the judgements come at times.

I'm glad the Lord has shown this to me - at the perfect time when I was willing to really see this truth in my own life, my own private thoughts. I pray it will reach you, if the Lord knows you are ready, it will. If you have already learned this valuable lesson, way to go!

Here's a quote from that particular blog post:

We eat our own. We make up litmus tests and then level judgments. Does she
dress the way a Christian woman should? Does she wear her hair the way a
Christian woman should? Does she go to the "right" parish? Does she manage her
finances the "right' way? Use the "right" curriculum? Spend her time the "right"
way? Does she have enough children and are they spaced the "right" way? If the
answers don't fit what we've decided--in our opinions--constitute holiness, we
chew the woman up and spit her out in disgust.

And we become women of opinion, not conviction, to use a phrase coined
by Colleen Mitchell. We become women who are so preoccupied by judging and
condemning that we tear down our own homes with our own hands. The spirit of
condemnation pervades the very being of the woman and erodes at the gentleness,
peacefulness, and goodness her family deserves. She becomes a bitter women
and her life bears bitter fruit.

Let us know what you think.....

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Anonymous said...

I really like that article. Women are so quick to judge one another. I have found that to be so true in my life as a trumpet player...women always assume the worst of each other's abilities in that profession, when it would in fact make it a lot easier if we supported each other! Ugh...
See you soon.