Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lovin' the public library

Since I am still fairly new to this homeschooling thing, I was amazed to find out you can get on-line, pick out your needed library books for the next unit (up to 50 books), and the library staff will pick them all out and have them waiting for you at the front desk upon your next library visit.


I am wondering if the library staff secretly hates this kind of work, resenting those annoying people who request a ga-gillion books that *they* have to pull?! Yet for those mommas who have many little ones, it is a life-saver not to have to take in fussy babies and rambuncious (sp?) toddlers into the library for any extended period of time.

I still try to find time to take just my older ones for "pleasure" visits to the library - you know, to pick out some new leisure reading material, to make up the current craft in the children's room, even make up their own puppet show with the library's resources. It's a nice visit.

Yet I'm awful grateful for not having to spend hours finding our many school books. What a blessing!!


Anonymous said...

i think most librarians wouldn't mind dealing with the books... they probably find it an opportunity to notice books around them that they might not see frequently in the process.

Shannon L. Fowler said...

Glad you discovered it for your family!! That's how I get all my books. My close-by library doesn't always have the books I'm looking for, but they will ship it in from another one in the county & notify me when it is at my close-by one to pick up! How cool!

God Bless,
Shannon in NC

Julie said...

That and on line renewal are the favorite things about my library!! :)

Speaking of I better go renew some books due today!