Thursday, October 23, 2008

see ya...

I'm heading off for a few days....

just me.

Amazing, isn't it?!?

It's a Pastor's Wives retreat. How nice!

So I'll be back next week. I've got a few things on my mind to share:
my first stainless steel kitchen appliance,
my eldest child's first loose tooth experience (I've already sad is that?),
my ultrasound results,
our continuing homeschooling adventures,
one - only one - political post,
a (finally) finished baby blankie I crocheted,
what to do about my hitting baby,
okay ~ maybe one more politcal post about socialism (did you know that term *used* to have a negative connotation?).......
There's just so much to blog about and so little time....I'm already exhausted.

Hopefully, this retreat will put some spring back in my step.

'Till then, enjoy your weekend, praise the Lord for His blessings & kiss your loved ones!!
That's my plan~


Cassandra said...

Lucky. I am jealous. I need a few days to myself! But alas, I have packing, (we are moving into a just-bought parsonage of the church's!!!) a wedding to be in, ( my sis in laws) and volleybally tournaments to attend. And you have to leave us in suspense as to your ultrasound results! That was mean. = ) Have fun all by yourself, and come back refreshed! Sigh. Lucky!

Dean B. said...

Ultrasound results - baby is doing fine. But we are leaving the sex of the baby a secret even for us.

Civilla said...

I'm a pastor's wife, too.