Thursday, November 13, 2008

My plans...

and the Lord's plans are apparently not lining up today.


I had finally gotten a babysitter. I was going to get my haircut and have a great dinner with some girlfriends, while my babies had a good time with one of their favorite babysitters.

Apparently, God has other plans.

So here I am, feeling sorry for myself, not finding a replacement babysitter on such short notice, house is a mess, I am a mess (at least my babies were already dressed and fed)......and there's a knock at the door.

I froze.

It was at my BACK door, so I knew it wasn't the mailman. I waited for a moment, frozen, waiting for my dh to find his keys - if it was him.

So I shooed the kids into the boys' room - and waited. The persistent visitor went to the front door - then back to the back door. But I was in my robe. I just *knew* it was going to be someone from the church - and I was in my robe. JUST my robe. What was I to do?

So I called my dh - he's just down the road at the church - to see if he knew of anyone coming to our home. Nope. I hung up with him, certain that our visitor was gone for good.

Yet my dh quickly called me back. In his office doorway was a friend. Of mine. Holding a Tim Horton's drink. *sigh* I suck.

And I was so upset about not even being dressed, about my house being trashed, about having a pity-party for myself all morning.....well....*sigh*

So I missed out on a visit from a great friend - whom the Lord probably sent to me to be kind seeing as how I couldn't go out that evening, nor get my hair cut (doesn't that always make girls feel better??). And I blew it.


Sorry, Brooke, you ROCK!!

So here I sit, trying hard to not feel DOUBLY sorry for myself (although how can I *really* when I brought this part on myself) - and now I REALLY want that Tim Horton's coffee drink.......ugh.

There ya go - how's that for a blog update?? Like that's really what you wanted to here about, eh? Well, I've taken some pics recently so I'll try to update soon with things that are MUCH MORE interesting than a pity-party for me, me, ME! Promise~


Tereza said...

Well...._________ happens right??:):):)

Anonymous said...

We all have days like you're having! Now doesn't it feel better to have vented it all out? Come on, it does, doesn't it? And like we mind! I'm amen-ing you're whole post! Chin up!


Henley said...

I have never heard of Tim Horton! Is that like Starbucks?
Sorry you had such a bad day....things will get better! Love your blog.

*Michigan Momma* said... - Canadian coffee and donut company that people seem to absolutely love around these parts. And it's cheaper than SB.

*Michigan Momma* said...

That last comment (and this one) is actually from MM's DH.