Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things getting busy~

Things are picking up around here. My dh has had numerous conferences, seminars and retreats to attend recently, which ultimately increases *my* load - or maybe it just *seems* that way, since I don't have that extra set of hands, that adult conversation at the end of the day. It really isn't much, especially compared to those husbands I know who travel often for their work, but my dh is a HUGE help to me here at home! We work well together and I just miss him TONS when he is gone - even for just one night...
(we are starting the "Love Dare" book soon - check back soon for updates on that!)

Anyways, my kids' choir at church has their Christmas Musical the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so we are in the final weeks of those rehearsals. I am in the midst of lighting, set, sound, costumes, programs, snacks, little kid jitters, you name it! Yet I honestly think, after a great rehearsal this morning, that things are all going to fall in place and turn out great!!

There's Thanksgiving, which we are celebrating with my folks this year. We have also been visiting a lot with Dean's mom recently, which has been really great, especially for my kiddos. They get so excited now when they hear "Grammy" is coming! 'Course, that may have *something* to do with her famous Buckeyes and Chex Mix.......Mmmmmmm....... My kids have good taste~

I am also in the upcoming adult Christmas musical - although I do not have a special part this year. Yet there is still tons of memorization - anyone else as bad at that as I am?? I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning, let alone the alto part to 10 different songs - come on!

This coming Sunday, I am singing a solo & duet with the choir. I really like this particular song, the soprano and I blend really great, which makes it even better! I'm so glad I have the opportunity to be involved musically at our church. It is something "just for me" and I have to admit, I think that's important when it seems most of your days are spent focusing on everyone else. Now, "everyone else" refers to my wonderful, amazing, lovable family and I *LOVE* being at home with them each day. I just also enjoy music as a ME hobby as well. Not to mention, it is rubbing off on my own kiddos - I can't wait to hear Selah sing at church someday! She loves to sing!!

As to homeschooling, we are still squeezing it in here and there! My little Selah won't let me skip a day, that's for sure. She asks each and every day when we are doing our school work! She is great for my own discipline in this area. There are even those days I have to tell her no, that we *are* allowed to take a day off here and there - especially around this time of year.

On a more creative note, I finished sewing a terrific skirt for myself last night (ok, well, it was more like early this morning, but let's not mention that part, okay?!). The best part is the total cost - maybe $2. I already had the thread from another project. I already owned the pattern (but had never made this particular view) - and I found the fabric at a second hand store with my mother a while back. I've had the pieces cut out FOREVER, and just yesterday decided to tackle the actual sewing/ironing part. That can be difficult with four kids. In fact, I decided it simply wasn't worth it while they were all up. I waited until the little ones went down for a nap - then finished it up once everyone went to bed that night. It just works better that way - less stress all around!

Lastly, I got my hair cut - again. I know I have said I am trying to grow it out, but for now, the cute, short, asymetrical look is good for me. You know, a bit longer in the front, then an A-line up to the back. It's so much easier to handle each day and I feel more pulled together overall. When I get some pics, I'll share both the new haircut and the cute skirt with y'all~

So that's it - even with all this busyness (sp?), I am really looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. We had a bit of snow last night - just wonderful!! I love to see my kids faces as they run out into the first snow of the season, trying to catch big, fat snowflakes on their tongues. I know that same look is reflected in my own eyes, as I open my mouth wide and try to catch a few cold flakes myself. I'm looking forward to Advent and the great traditions that time of year brings to our home. Plus all that baking...Mmmmmm....the smells....

Time for me to go, brave the cold and walk down the street to choir practice this afternoon. God bless you my friends and family - hope to hear from you soon~


Anonymous said...

Meant to tell you that the skirt looked awesome. I saw you in it as I passed by but you were talking with someone else, so I'm telling you now! As for sewing I let one pair of the pants for Anne out this weekend. It turned out fine, she's wearing them today. Okay, see you soon.


*Michigan Momma* said...

I'm going to work on an apron next - but I don't really have a pattern that I like, so I'm gonna try my hand at coming up with something on my own - YIKES!!

We'll see....

I'm glad Anna's pants turned out good. Any luck on the apron for her yet??

Anonymous said...

We just had auditions for the solos in our little concert, we're having our concert Christmas Eve. Tonite, I'm ordering the robes I want. Red and white! Red for the boys, and white for the girls. I'm also ordering candy canes, and I'm having some tell the meaning of candy canes, and as the children sing "we wish you a Merry Christmas", they will hand out the candy canes!

I'm so excited!! I hope it turns out somewhat, if not perfect way I want.

We have children up to 15 singing! I even have some who wish to do a little dance. So I'm thinking of Winter Wonderland. Visions, visions, visions!!