Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Perfect Date

So, we've been out of town for the past few days, visiting and celebrating with my folks in Indiana. My dh was determined to take me out on a rare "date night" with the built-in babysitters and all. So Friday evening comes around and it was now or never.

I was kissing everyone good-bye for the evening, and told my oldest son Isaac we were going on a date and would be back that evening once he was in bed. He told me he would miss me, then cocked his head to the side and said, "What's a date?" (a sure clue we simply do not go on enough dates!).

I said, well, Daddy is going to take me out to a nice resturant, let me order whatever I want, open doors for me, tell me I'm beautiful and that he loves me! When you get married, you'll take *your* wife out on dates too!

"Yah!" he replied enthusiastically. "I could even take her somewhere to get a *Happy Meal*, like McDonald's or Burger King!!".

Yes....a happy meal, son. That's the PERFECT date for your wife (at least it is in his cute lil' 7 year old mind).

How sweet~


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....I don't know .... Anne Marie may want to at least go to the Coney! HA!!!!!!! : )


Kenni B said...

I was fully expecting Isaac's response to be, "Daddy does that stuff all the time!"