Monday, December 1, 2008

Where *did* I leave it?

So there we are, 5 hours from home, getting ready to go out for our Thanksgiving dinner (which is a nice meal, yet I do look forward to our own home, large enough to host a family Thanksgiving dinner too!).

Anyway, there I am, standing in front of the mirror, just finishing up blow-drying my hair. I hadn't put much effort into my hair the other days since we had been there - just a wash-n-go type of look - and wanted to make my hair look extra special for this extra special meal.

I opened the cabinet to grab my curling iron. It's just one of those basic, large barrel one that just gives your hair a bit of body, not tight curls or anything. Yet it wasn't in the cabinet. Hmm....still in the suitcase, maybe? Nope. Umm...did I leave it in the car? Maybe I had used it right before we left and it was too hot to put in the suitcase. Yeah, maybe I put it in in the car after it had cooled down a bit. Cooled down a bit? Wait....


I knew where my curling iron was.

Seems I *had* curled my hair right before we left on this trip. It *was* very hot and everyone else was ready to go. In the car, seatbelts on, ready to go. So I wrapped up the cord, threw the still-hot curling iron in the freezer - just to cool it down enough to travel.


You've never put your curling iron in the freezer? Really?! Come on, now......

Anyways, I put it in the freezer, just for a moment, while I went pee, put on my shoes, grabbed my purse, did a last double check on lights and quickly ran out the door. Without my curling iron. Didn't even give it a second thought for over 48 hours. Nope, not a second thought.

At least my family got a kick out of my forgetfulness!

Yup, it seems I simply can't remember ANYTHING without writing it down. Praise the Lord for timers on the oven, the microwave, the bread machine, etc. When I walk out of a room, it's out of my head!

End of story: I got home, took my frozen curling iron out of the freezer to let it thaw on the counter. Then I put it back in the bathroom cabinet overnight. The next morning, Sunday before church, I plugged it in, trying my best to avoid any potential SHOCK or explosion or smoke or whatever.....

Nothing. It worked fine.

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Anonymous said...

Lori,you are just a mom (and a great one at that) with sooo much in your mind you just automatically priortized what was more important--or you could ALWAYS blame it on the pregnancy!! Glad you all are home safe-us too.