Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My kiddos are outside, playing in the "snow". Since you can still see the blades of grass through the thin layer of snow, I would hardly call this REAL snow - but hey, they're excited!!

I also realize that my sweet Selah needs winter snow clothes. She shot up two sizes this year and I am caught unprepared. So, a trip to the second-hand store is in order. I just saw a pair of boots in her size there last week - here's hopin' they're still there. I also need to hunt down a pair of snow pants, or even better, a snowsuit. My mother found Isaac an awesome snowsuit last year (one piece, pants & coat together - less hassle) which still fits him this year. He loves it!!

So, boots & a snowsuit. Oh, and some gloves for Isaac - all he has are mittens and he's frustrated by his lack of fine motor skills in them....so cute. Hats and scarves I can russle up or make myself quickly.

Here's wishing for some more snow for my babies. They told me they were going to pick up the snow and build a pile of it so they could go sledding......adorable~


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm with you on the winter clothes. I found snow pants for Anne at target for $13, which was the best price I had found by far, and I also scored a hat and mittens for Hadassah and Emma in the $1 bin there as well. Half-Pints and Target both did not have boots in Anne's size, although they did have a snowsuit in a 6X. Not sure if that helps you or not. Ugh, have to find boots for Anne. Let me know if you come across and size 11 boots that are a good deal. Okay, good luck!


*Michigan Momma* said...

Ok, if I find boots in size in 11 - THEY'RE MINE!! Okay, well, they'll be Selah's - she's either an 11 or a 12, I'd be willing to go a bit big to last for two winters, if possible.

Selah would need at least an 8 in a snowsuit. The pants she has now are 6 (or 6X, not sure) and they are TOO tight. If you want them for Anne - oh, forget it, I see you already got them at Target, sorry....

Ugh...but my mom is on the hunt and she is seriously the second-hand store QUEEN!! All hail~
~See ya soon~