Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Liking the *idea*

My kids love hot chocolate. You know, come in from playing in the snow, take off all those cold, wet clothes and smell the cups of hot cocoa. See your beautiful (a-hem) momma at the stove, pouring the hot cocoa into matching mugs, topped with mini-marshmellows. Then cupping their cute, little hands around the warm mugs and revelling in the delicious aroma....

Except my kids don't actually *drink* the cocoa. Nope. They love the *idea* of hot chocolate - they're just not to the actual "drinking" stage yet.

And I still don't mind making it. I don't mind the obvious waste, even of my time. 'Cause it's not *really* a waste of my time, right? We're making memories here, and that's what counts!

Someday, they may actually DRINK the hot cocoa - for now, they love the *idea*.....and that's okay with me~


Sarah said...

Yep, your'e right! Making memories is what counts! I laughed about Isaac's frustrations with his mittens in your last post! It would frustrate me, too! :)

Shannon L. Fowler said...

Well, if we weren't 600+ miles away from each other, I'd LOVE to hop over & help you drink some of that hot cocoa!! Maybe they will drink the "hot" cocoa if it was actually chocolate milk in their mug! LOL

I like making hot cocoa for everyone & adding whip cream or TONS of mini marshmallows :)