Thursday, December 25, 2008

A 2nd-hand Christmas

Now, just so everyone knows, I am not against buying new gifts for kids. We just didn't have the money this year. And you know what, I'm okay with that. Actually, I'm really impressed how well our little family Christmas went this year being a bit strapped in the cash department. We were certainly not strapped in the love and family department and it was GREAT!!

My baby, lil' Elijah, basically *loved* everything about Christmas. During the opening of his presents, he just kept saying "WOW!" to *everything* - adorable! I wish I had gotten some better pics.

We bought a bunch of dollar store gifts, basically as stocking stuffers. One of those gifts were two, styrofoam-type swords. My boys immediately started a sword fight (even Elijah knew what to do with a sword at not-quite-2yo. Amazing!
Yet later in the day, my girls got a hold of those same two swords and GIRLY-FIED them. Here they are, proudly holding their decorated swords. Ya right, boys and girls are just the same, no differences what so ever. Mmm-hmmm......

And one of our best 2nd-hand store finds, a log with cans & bottles on top. Along with an orange pistol and some kind of basic have some really good times!! This was maybe $10. Along with the $2 Toss-Across, I totally scored in the Christmas gift department this year!!

We've got more presents tomorrow (from Granny, Uncle Kenni, Mema & Papa) so no one has to feel bad for the poor 2nd-hand store present children in our home. I wouldn't feel bad for them anyway, but hey, you know how Americans tend to view materialism (said by an American who has too long been just as materialistic as the rest, let me tell you!).

And just to prepare everyone, my dh and I are *discussing* getting rid of our dish tv. I know, I know, WHAT?!?!! It's just in the discussion mode at this point, we'll talk more about it later........but there it is. We're officially weird now, huh?


My Life With Boys said...

Don't feel bad. My Husband has been laid off for a month and a half so I my boys had a 'lean' Christmas too. They got handmade scarves, winter hats, winter gloves (not handmade), handmade pajama pants, a movie and a tent/fort thing. That's all. They did also get candy (in their stockings), cinnamon rolls for breakfast and got to watch movies all day. They were as happy as could be! Some people thought it was 'pitiful' (in their words) but frankly, that's all we could do. Plus, like I said- they were so happy! Your kids looked like they had a blast!!! ( Love the difference between your boys and girls- too funny!) About the dish thing- once again, I don't think your nuts. Tim and I don't even have local broadcasting television in our home. We never have (we've been married 7 1/2 years). WE 'are' big movie watchers though. It's kind of our thing but we only watch a 2-3 a week. Plus, you can also watch alot of shows on the computer. We just don't think we need to 'pay' for filth to come into our home (not that all of it is!). Anywho, you need to decided whats best for 'you' family. Hope you have a wondeful day!

Anonymous said...

We've been highly blessed as a family. Maybe because we are a 2 income family, altho most of my income goes to savings for our children, retirement, vacations etc. And we don't invest in the stock market!!!!! Only IRA's, money markets etc. We know now that God was shielding us from putting money into 401k's.

To get rid of Dish is up to you. I say only 1% of what's on tv would be classified as "filth". We believe God has a huge sense of humor, and wants us to laugh, and enjoy life, even if it's thru the tv. It's not our main focus, but it's entertaining.


Anonymous said...

OK, I like TV as much as anybody - Heroes, Football, Whose Line is it Anyway, Duggars, etc. - but to say only 1% of what is on TV is "filfth" is either naive or you have a pretty loose definition of what is inappropriate. I would give it at least a 75% inappropriate content (at least for kids if not ALL of us) rating. That would be including commericials.

Lori's Hubby, Dean

Anneatheart said...

You're not weird- we haven't had TV for a year and it's been fine. We just go to the library weekly and collect movies here and there as we have money. After we move, we are planning to get satellite again for some variety.

We were very blessed this year- God provided in many ways for us to give nice presents to our children, but they would have been happy with less too.

Anonymous said...

Well we don't have the paid channels, like HBO etc. WLIIA can be racy at times, at least when I used to watch it. I dislike commercials, and refuse to watch them and will flip off a channel when a commercial comes on. I do not allow my children to watch ANY tv. I think it's a wasteful use of their precious minds. THE ONLY tv they watch is the evening news, for their school's current events.

We don't watch sports since I think that's that even a waste of more time.

We aren't uptight about what we watch, we all have the holy spirit w/in us, and somethings some people can't watch, because it's more of a temptation for those people. And others can watch it and have no problems. So it all depends on your temptations of what you can or cannot watch.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad that your family had a blessed Christmas, Lori. So what if your kids had second hand toys?! Toys are toys, and it looked like your kids were having an awesome time! As for the dish, I could do without mine, but I really don't want to.:) I am addicted to the Hallmark Channel and TLC. I don't know if I could do without my Monday night TLC. But, hey, you have to do what is best for your family!

*Michigan Momma* said...

Oh, if we do get rid of the tv (we are done with our contract in Feb. or March, so we have to make a decision by then - right when this new baby arrives, so we'll need the extra time, I'm sure!!) - anyway, it will be HARD - at least at first, I'm sure.

I too, love my TLC. I really like House. I like to laugh at Who's Line is it, Anyway? Oh, yes, there are shows I enjoy.....yet overall, there are better ways for me to be spending my time (at least at this point in my life) - plus I really like the idea of the kids not being exposed to the tv right now.

Oh, I guess I'll just blog about it later....

Anonymous said...

Just remember to get a converter box, since all network programing will go digital Feb 17! (or is it 16th?)

I LOVE House! It was on a marathom Thurs, Friday, NCIS today, and House again tomorrow on USA.