Sunday, December 28, 2008

The BRINE and The BANE

Well, let me tell you, if you haven't brined a turkey before, you are missing out!!

Seriously, it was delicious!

I'm just bummed I didn't get any "in progress" pictures to share with you. I will say that I will NEVER cook a turkey without brining it EVERY AGAIN! I didn't even make any gravy - and it didn't NEED any ~ it was *that* moist, that flavorful, that GREAT!!

We used Alton Brown's recipe (what?!?! You don't know who Alton Brown is? Shame on you......go directly to the Food Network site and do some research!) except we used a bunch of dry and/or ground spices rather than spending the extra money on the fresh, more exotic stuff. Still turned out terrific, so I'm okay with that.

I can't believe that I am 33 (almost 34) years old and this is the first family, holiday meal that I've cooked! It took all day (well, I guess we didn't really get going until lunch time - but then again, we didn't eat until 7pm either!) and then we mean, we ATE it in just 30 min. Isn't that just how it goes??

We had the Amazing Brined Alton Brown Turkey,
sweet potatoes,
green bean casserole,
corn casserole muffins,
cheesy potatoes,
crecent rolls,
Bok Choy salad,
plus a big, ol' dish of banana cream pudding (you know, with vanilla wafers, bananas & pudding)

I also made a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread - in order to make up some bread pudding with vanilla sauce - but we never actually got around to making that particular dessert up. It's in the plans for tomorrow though.

Speaking of desserts and dh and I are going on a serious diet. One of those "we need to get serious and really get dedicated to this" kind of diets. The whole idea of "just changing a few things, make them a habit" kind of diet just isn't working (at least not for us, not right now, I do realise the benefits of this type of change).

Anyways, we are starting Monday (isn't that just the worst cliche? "We'll start fresh on Monday......" yada, yada, yada....ugh) and we are going to be dedicated, serious, committed and ruthless. The holidays (and the holiday food) are over. We've been married almost 10 years and we are DONE with being uncomfortable with ourselves....come on!!!

So, feel free to ask me how I'm doing, how WE'RE doing, and also feel free to share if this is something you are working on as well (or want to! Need a buddy??!) I am going to ask my mom to be on the lookout for some Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds videos (a walking video seems like a smart move for an often-preggo women who can't always get out of the house for exercise) or I may even ask my hubby for a birthday gift in this area (hint, hint, honey!). Exercise is just about the very bane of my exsistence.....*very large annoyed sigh*

Anyways, gotta get to bed, gotta get sleep, gotta get up early for church. Have a great Sunday, my friends!


Anonymous said...

I always brine our turkey for Thanksgiving. Alton Brown rocks! Christmas we usually have prime rib or garlic butter chicken.

We were in Florida this year. My mother made a roasted chicken, corn pudding, string beans, potato rolls, a cheesy zucchini casserole. We aren't big dessert eaters so the children had some Christmas cookies, and vanilla ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Hey, The Alton Brown Brine for a grilled Turkey is what we used last year! This year we used a combination of the Neeley's and Alton Brown for our Turkey on the grill. It turned out wonderful. Later-


*Michigan Momma* said...

I would be too chicken to grill our turkey, but then again, you guys have a nice charcoal grill/smoker thingy, right?! Ours is gas and I'm not sure it would be as good.....

But the brine part was amazing! I'm simply floored at how moist and yummy it turned out.

Of course, I *did* learn that I need 2 ovens in my future home. I used my crock pot for two of the sides, pre-baked another side (reheated it in the toaster oven later) and STILL needed 2 ovens. Oh well, a girl can dream.....