Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funnies from Tali~

I should seriously have a section dedicated soley to the hilarious things my 2nd daughter Talitha says. She is currently 3yo and is every bit her mother's daughter!

Today, while in the local Christian Book store, Tali and her siblings were playing in the kid's section. Tali came wandering towards her father and said, "Daddy, can we buy this for Papa?". Obviously, Daddy was engrossed in searching for just the right gift, 'cause he asked, "What honey?". Tali tried again, "Can we please get this for Papa for Christmas??".

My husband looked down and immediately started laughing. I was in the isle over. I heard Dean reply, "Honey, you want to get your Papa a pink, fairy wand for Christmas? (Tali must have nodded sweetly) That's very sweet!"
That's my Tali ~ always thinking on her feet.

Later that same day, as I was tucking her into bed, I put my rather cold hand on her face. Her face felt quite hot! "Are you sick honey?" I asked her. She nodded pathetically. "Oh, Tali, when did you get sick, you poor thing?" I asked as I stroked her sweet face. "When you put me to bed." she answered.
I choked back a laugh and told her water and a good night's sleep was just what she needed.

Whew.....this girl has me in stitches on a regular basis ~ except during the times when she has me frustrated beyond all human comprehension.....yup, her momma's girl, alright~~

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Anneatheart said...

Thank your for the advice on breaking the news to others- you are experienced in it I'm sure.

I am trying to decide what to do about birth. I have at times greatly desired a vbac, in fact the third one was supposed to be but the doctor put me in a rock and a hard place. I am wondering why you've always chosen c-sections (I know you had to have the first one) and how do you prepare yourself for it.

I get nervous and sweaty just thinking about the process. The last one was the best, but still, all the needles and surgical stuff and that crazy feeling when the drugs wear off etc...I can imagine it could be just as scary with a vaginal birth as well, but still...

And not to pry, but how do you guys pay for it? If I go back to the same OB it will cost about $3000 total, which breaks down to $150 something each month, plus extra for the glucose tests and the Rhogam shots I take at 28 weeks, which are at least $130 plus a pop. Not to mention driving out there, ultrasounds etc. We are going to be moving next month for sure, either to MI or back to the other house down the road, so that will free up extra money. Still...just wondering...

It's just such a touchy thing with me and I'm praying for God's perfect plan. Thanks busy woman!